Quick Facts about CBD Oil Drug Interactions

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  1. Have you heard about anything to do with interactions on sertraline and CBD? . I take Sertraline at a low dosage 50mg
    and Atenolol , at a very low dosage?

    If you could answer me that'll be great. Ill be going doctors about it to make sure I am making a good decision. i really want to try CBD

  2. I added this to my playlist. Thank you!

  3. Have u heard of cbd oil lessening the effectiveness of antibiotics at all?

  4. I haven't been thru all the videos, but have you covered osteoporosis and cbd? I've heard it helps with bone growth, I'm in a state that isn't legal and am trying prime my body hemp oil, with the nano enhanced bioavailability, was wondering if you knew anything about this product? I suffer from chronic back pain, from surgeries but at this point I'm very active (I have no choice I live on the country on 30 acres) just hurt alot. I don't see this opioid "crisis" turning out well for chronic pain patients, so I'm trying to replace them, cbd helps cut down on the amount so far, but I'm less than a month in on taking it because of the fear with the pain clinic testing, that makes it hard to go all in on it right now. I've read the lab data sheet like you said on this product and feel fairly confident it has such a small amount of thc that it won't matter but not totally confident. I'm allergic to a ton of drugs that are used for pain, I'm even allergic to ibuprofen, so it is hard to eliminate the inflammation which might be 1/2 of my pain. Opiods with Tylenol are about my only option. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  5. I take gabapentin( 200 mg) every day for neuropathy and fibromyalgia pain. I would like to try CBD but cannot find any one in my area that can/will help me figure out how to introduce it while still using gabapentin. The doctors in my small community are not interested in hearing about CBD use because they equate it with being a "drug" user. I do not know how to proceed and am hesitant to try the CBD without more information on it's use with gabapentin. Do you have ANY advice ? My neurologist basically dismissed the idea of CBD use and left me feeling uncomfortable asking him any more questions about it. Thanks for any help you can offer!

  6. does CBD oil interact with suboxone? Or xanax? I have anxiety and I'm currently on Suboxone and Xanax but I never take them at the same time but I really want to get off Xanax for my anxiety because they are addicting. So I have been looking into CBD oil as an alternative. So can you tell me if CBD oil interacts with suboxone? Also let's say I get a bottle of CBD oil from the website you suggest how much should I take starting out since I've never taken it before?

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