Plus CBD Oil Review | For Anxiety

Thoughts and review of Plus CBD Oil Spray for anxiety. Plus CBD Oil Spray: Always Thanks for Watching and …


  1. Thnx for the feedback. PTSD and anxiety was kicking my ass. This plus brand actually helps. Oh yea, I use the bottle with the dropper(tincture)

  2. I want the spray bottle one.. Are these really working ? Any actual video tests also your audio is way to low. I even have my speakers full blast lol

  3. I just got the unflavored olive oil extra strength from them jt taste way better its the new formula

  4. I use the same product. I use the extra strength peppermint. It works well for me.
    BTW, I had to turn the volume way up in order to hear your video.

  5. Does it still work for you?

  6. CBD oil works for only few day. After long time it's build tolerance then u need more and more

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