Plus + CBD Oil Concentrate by CannaVest – First Impression

My first impressions of Plus + CBD Oil from CannaVest


  1. Hi I never tried this is it good for pain management

  2. What vaporizer do you use? How do you vape the oil?

  3. do you cough when you dab it? my lungs hate me when dabbing this ?

  4. Thanks. I just got some myself. Good review /overview. I'll be interested to EAT some as it hasn't stated that the oils been decarboxilated (orally effective) and is marketed as a "dabbing" oil. I've just eaten the dose you speak of and will comment again if it's any good. I sell ejuices online and will stock this if effective (for pain of interferon treatment)

  5. Thanks for the review I have anxiety problems been looking at this product for a long time wasn't sure if it was a hoax or not ??

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