Plus CBD Oil by CV Sciences Review

Plus CBD Oil by CV Sciences Review My personal experience and review of the Plus CBD oil capsules made by CV Sciences to treat my autoimmune disease …


  1. My new favorite CBD product! They discontinued making the one in this video. I just want to share the magic with everyone…

  2. CBD Oil is great to improving (possibly eliminating) your chronic pain and other health problems. I found this site great to buy highest quality CBD oil and products.

  3. Have you tried Charlotte's Web and if so which brand helped the most? I have mixed connective tissue disease.

  4. hi, thanks for the video. i have muscular dystrophy. thinking about trying some CBD. hope you are feeling well.

  5. I can't find a definitive is this legal in Florida? I refused all pain meds because they make me throw up, but the pain is now daily and life changing but I don't want to lose my child to my ex

  6. I tried " Plus CBD Oil " and it did nothing for me. I'm having trouble sleeping and from all the marketing of CBD it was written that CBD oil will help with insominia. But it did not.

  7. I use the CBD which helps me, I feel great! I believe this product. Great products! at the

  8. Upon the recommendation of a friend of my sister's, I tried this very product one month ago: the CBD capsules at 15 mg. My inflammation/pain/joint injury was stopping my life and Excedrin and Advil barely touched it. I went off OTC meds for a month before trying CBDplusoil capsules. My response was hopeful but unfortunately the relief was miniscule. Then I watched a video from a certified nutritionist ( she is on the channels) and she mentioned that spacing the capsules is important perhaps for some because it allows the liver to process the oil. Made sense. So I took that advice. Not much help. Then I recently bought their drops. It says 5 mg per 1/2 dropper but my research showed that drops are more concentrated and quicker acting. I will modify and monitor how much is needed to reach a level where I see dramatic results. I am not giving up. As they say, each person's pain is different and inflammatory process. It may take a little time to find out what amount does the trick. This product is pure, organic and harvested either in Kentucky or Europe so the background story is comforting. Pray I find the right dose!

  9. Have you tried Take a few drops under the tongue. Full spectrum. Non gmo organic made in USA. Great video..

  10. CBD really works. I have been suffering from chronic pain for over 15 years. I ordered some from and it has made a huge difference in my quality of life. I ordered more yesterday and realized they are offering 20% off right now just by using the code facebook20. I encourage you all to try the product.

  11. This stuff is amazing! I now don't have to take Tramadol anymore for my back pain. I use the CBD extra strength balm 100mg. It lasts about 5 to 5 1/2 hours.

  12. I just bought my mother these for her pain in the 15 mg capsules. I really hope she will try them…..

  13. Do you take this in addition to a prescription? I was just put on Plaquenil but I am not loving the side effects so far.

  14. Thanks for sharing ,my mum was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer last year and was on remission for a cople of months but no improvement, i fell on cbd oil documention one day and thought i i give it a try for her since i was so down seeing her go through alot of pain.and today i can say after trying cbd oil for like 3months now considerable improvements potray itself now. thanks to this would love to really let people know cbd oil works and greatly helps

  15. Also in my experience, cbd vape oil kicks in quicker and is stronger than taking cbd orally. #CBD #Cannabidiol

  16. CV Sciences makes the best legal hemp cbd products. The only other products I've found that work better and are stronger, are in medical cannabis dispensaries only.
    #CBD #Cannabidiol

  17. I assume 'Charlottes Web' is a competitor. In 15mg and 35mg, capsules it works great and costs about the same. (70 year old)

  18. will this help with eczema

  19. Hey guys! This particular CBD product is no longer available. However, I made a new review with a different cbd oil that I'm using now. With the new oil, I take 1/2 a dropper and hold it under my tongue for a minute. Here is the video…

  20. I don't know when you made the video but lucky vitamin corporation no longer carries it.
    I see other CBD products. Not sure what to do. Mostly they're only 10mg.
    I'm so happy to have found you. I am 74 and for about 30 years I've had these AI diseases.
    I started with Raynauds, then moved to CREST (acronym). Then called scleroderma. In the meantime
    SJogrens was creeping it's way in and now I'm full blown everything. The scleroderma attcked my
    Digestive system. So I'm pretty impaired but I still give it a good fight.
    I've always been active, go to GYM and garden. But just lately my muscles are so inflamed. Needless to say
    The fatigue you describe is right on.
    This is some of my story. I. can live with the sleeaderma but the Sjorgrens is the worst.
    These are insidious diseases.

  21. Thank you for your insight! I wouldn't recommend that you take a look at spooky 2 and do research on Dr. Royal Rife. I have an autoimmune disease ss well and this product has changed my life. You can go on Facebook or you can look here on YouTube.

  22. Great review, but this is actually a very poor product. CBD oil products already usually have a very low bioavailability because of the way they are processed, and when you take CBD oil and ingest it, the stomach acids destroy the components of what this plant is trying to do medicinally, so it brings the bioavailability down even more. In my research I have found that most CBD oil has about 6% to 10% bioavailability, 16% – 20%, if you're lucky. The company I am now affiliated with is the only company that uses nano emulsification, with liposomal delivery, giving it a bioavailability rating of 97% to 100%. This makes it the highest grade CBD oil available. Before this, I never even knew there was a difference, I thought it was the same. Add me on Facebook if you would like to find out more about this, and don't worry, I am not just trying to sell your product, I am here to educate people. Thank you. ??

  23. Hi Mom, great review video. Can't wait to try this product. My old naturopath also thought I had fibro/CFS, it's a bullshit diagnosis that they really won't do anything to help. It's a dr's way of saying they know something is wrong with you but they don't feel like finding out what it is. Many of the symptoms you mentioned are typical Lyme symptoms. Please go to and look at the symptom checklists (there are two diff stages of Lyme both with different symptoms). It's the hidden cause behind soooo many of these chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases. Most doctors are terribly uneducated about it. If you do answer yes to most of the questions on the checklist, try to find a "Lyme Literate MD" to get an accurate blood test (Igenex or blood culture test). Feel free to ask me any questions, I know what a nightmare chronic illness is and I'm trying to spread awareness to people that may have Lyme but are misdiagnosed.

  24. is this an authentic brand with authentic CBD oil ?!?

  25. I ordered the peppermint CBS plus oil today. I probably should have bought the capsules.

  26. It came in today I just took one capsule couldn't believe how it worked my back didn't hurt and my knees when I got up from working didn't Hurt neither I am so happy thanks for the information I'll be ordering more

  27. I ordered a 30 day supply I hope these things work I am sick and tired of taking hydrocodone thanks for the info I'll let you know

  28. Is your medical specialist OK with your taking this? It would be a shame to take something that hurt the liver, kidneys or something else. Have you found any good studies showing it's safe? Thanks for your excellent videos.

  29. I started CBD oil a week ago soo far I haven't noticed any difference my stomach pain my stomach pain is actually higher

  30. I bought these from an herbalist for $69.95 which is what it costs on the Plus CBD web site. Last I checked the website was out of the higher dose capsules (25mg). I took one a day for my arthritis and back pain. Didn't think much about it until I stopped taking them and then noticed my pain was back! I'm 71 and was happily surprised that this stuff works. On the downside, it's very expensive. If I took 2 or 3 a day that would be up to $210.00 a month. I found I had less anxiety as well. If you can afford it go for it. My chiropractor said I should take 50 mg a day. I don't have a disease just the usual aches and pains. There are other products but it's a real rabbit hole trying to figure out which is best. Thanks for this review.

  31. Best CBD video I've found so far. Have you used other types of delivery for CBD (vape, concentrates, or ointment)?

  32. Would this help with anxiety or would I need the cbd oil for that?

  33. I have a bottle of them and I was taking it once a day because I have endometriosis but I stopped because I was scared of taking them I'm also on birth control and I'm not sure if it is OK to take this with that.

  34. I'm looking at getting this for my mom's arthritis in her knees? have you heard if it helps any ? Thank you for your video !

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