Plus + CBD Oil 100mg vs 500mg Bottles by CannaVest – First Impression

I’ll give you the low down on the difference between the two strengths of CBD Oil.


  1. I use cv sciences Pure CBD Gold oil, it helps beyond belief! I havent used their sprays just the cbd oil drops under the tongue? I buy it at my pharmacy in Wv, for under $60 (30 mg bottle)

  2. has this ever made you fail a drug test?

  3. Because i dont trust online sites

  4. Im from denver could you do show prof of purchase

  5. oh my, Thrump. HaHa. You need CBD.

  6. The still photo that I clicked on, to see this vid, isn't the most flattering.

  7. I'm in Colorado and didn't even know you could buy CBD legally. Dispensaries are charging $150 a bottle for 500mg.

  8. that is not for vapin mentos is toxic

  9. is vaping that much better than under the tongue? i'm not a fan of "smoking" anything since i have some allergies that affect my breathing……thanks

  10. thank u for sharing this!! Ana-A, i am trying 2 wean of Effexor as well. are u totally off it? any info would be appreciated. -thank u

  11. good video yiu should try the Charlottes web hemp cbd oil 7ts m7nt chock and taste great vaping and you get 1 oz bottle but instead of 100mg is it 250mg

  12. Thank you for your very informative videos. I've been taking cbd myself for my anxiety and have noticed a difference. It helped me wean off my Effexor in record time and very minimal side effects. I have been posting your videos on a Facebook group for anxiety. Everyone needs to know about cbd! I look forward to seeing more videos. ?

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