Pinnacle 1000mg CBD Oil Review

Hey guys here are my thoughts on Pinnacle CBD and how it helps me. Please smash that like button below and subscribe 🙂


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  1. Dude!
    This product is supposed to be put under your tongue!
    A few drops can be added to vape juice but not full strength!
    Also it needs to be in the system for at least a month to feel the results as it takes time to activate the endocanabinoide system.

  2. I got the 1200 mg at my local vape store for $109.00. It is great… thank you for the review.

  3. Greetings all. Do you recommend ordering online or in physical store?? I have a lot of the symptoms you have. CBD over Kratom???

  4. does it get you high?
    I am looking at it fir pain, I live in chronic pain.

  5. Can this be used in any vaporizer? Or is there a specific type that gives more benefits? Thanks

  6. Have passed a drug test with this?

  7. Great review bro, answered questions about taking the edge off of weed within 3 minutes.

  8. Very good review. I have been using Pinnacle 500 mg for the past 6 weeks to treat my painful symptoms of stage 3 Liver failure, along with Neruopathy in my legs form Diabetes. I had never used CBD before and being on Medicaid I cannot ingest THC or my treatment gets dropped and I'm stuck with a 100k medical bill. . I moved up to the 1000 mg last week and my pain is GONE. I have had insomnia for years that not even large doses of Ambien could help. I have since stopped all pain meds and replaced it with Pinnacle CBD and I am able to function on my feet literally pain free. My anxiety and stress levels associated with my illness have disappeared. I can't believe I never thought about this wonder until 6 weeks ago. I highly recommended it and I'm an old broke down nag that came back to being a Colt. LOL

  9. Holy shit 1000 mg thats a lot LOL XD

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