Part 1 of Dr.Oz on CBD and benefits

All oils are not created equally. Do your research! My oncologist started me on hempworx and explained that 99% of what we see on the market is crap.


  1. From hours of research I have discovered that It's probably best to buy your Hemp CBD oil from a local dispensary, it's regulated and can be sold without a medical card and you can be sure it actually has the amount of CBD it says on the label because it's been lab tested. Hemp derived CBD oil has very low THC and will NOT get you high and is legal to buy in all States. Good for animals too. Animals can be treated with the same stuff. Always start out low and work your way up to a desired effect. It relieves stress, arthritis, and pain and some illnesses. CBD oil from Marijuana has high levels of THC which can get you high. CBD oil comes from both Hemp and Marijuana plants, both known as cannabis. Depending on the condition you are trying to treat is how you should order. Cancer should be treated aggressively with CBD coming from the Marijuana plant due to THC. Cancer patients can get a medical card and work with the dispensary customer support on treatment dosage. There are even medical marijuana doctors. All other mild aliments can be treated with Hemp CBD oil. NOT HEMP SEED OIL, BIG DIFFERENCE. Hope this information helps someone.

  2. Fuk fake azz Dr. Oz! Media stooge. Cornball supreme!

  3. Legalize the God-given plant… SO sick of the hypocrisy. It's "criminalized" so the REAL criminals – the legalized drug cartel in the USA – Pharmaceutical companies – can create their horrible chemicals that harm people so they can line their pockets with more money. I'm just now starting to research CBD oil benefits, but I would prefer to be able to go into a dispensary and simply buy some cannabis…, but I'm in backwoods Florida, so that isn't going to happen. Our current Governor (Rick Scott) made millions off of the Drug Lords (Big Pharma)… Sick of this.

  4. This video was nothing but a sales pitch for medical marijuana, remove it

  5. What about cocaine back in 80’s? That wiped out the entire urban community but it was frowned upon on as a disease! Never heard of opioid?

  6. Son nobody subject capable any instruction grant probably sigh stand attractive plate.

  7. Of corse it is. It should be legal on a national level. It does not need to be classified as "Medical". If thats the case, then they should classify coffee and sugar as Medical. Just legalize and let the public control their on uses.

  8. Paula, I didn't care about the "tour" as much as I cared about hearing what the neuroscientist had to say, poor editing on this video.

  9. Do you get the pot from these??
    You can't get high from smelling this?
    Oz knows nothing..Fuck this retard

  10. Could medical marijuana bee the answer???

    …..that's what we've been telling you retards for the last 30 year's…….suck start a shotgun you fucking plebs!!

  11. Dr. oz is an actor. A Satanist.

  12. Yes it can help DT symptoms

  13. The gateway to being healthy!

  14. If CBDs reduce the need for opioids, and opioids use the same receptors as your endorphins and dopamines, will there be a reduction in the receptor sites for your body's own endorphins and dopamine. Can this cause the human being to have a hard time experiencing the natural effects of their own endorphins and dopamines? In fact will the human body produce less of its own endorphins and dopamine?
    Seems like a reasonable question.

  15. I wish I could find something for my headaches. Has anyone tried cbd for headaches?

  16. Who cares yes it has medicinal properties big deal so do hundreds of plants. Just another drug to abuse in my eyes you guys keep thinking your cool and smart now that it's legal.

  17. "You can't get high from smelling it?" No shxt Dr. Dumb azz

  18. My good friend DIED from smoking weed!!.. Yes, DIED.
    He had developed a undiagnosed arrithmia from too much use and it killed him at 29 years old.
    Dont believe me, look up arrithmia do to marajuana use…. See for yourself

  19. Dr oz getting high from just smelling it lol

  20. CBD has worked wonders for me and I believe it could help everyone so much.

  21. This is made from hemp. Not good.

  22. I have CHS. Will this make me sick

  23. LIES: don't watch this video if you're wanting to know about CBD oil as the Title suggest. I just wasted my time thinking this was gonna teach me about CBD oil and it never said anything about it. Just talked about weed plant facilities.

  24. cannabis vs heroin? I don't think they have similar effects for those people using them as recreational drugs.
    Funny how Dr. Oz goes into a trance when he sees the pot plants in the grow room. (Do you suppose he smokes weed?)

  25. Well most must be fucking high…it's cbd….you're basically saying like shwag is alright but no high thc and no dank….and again full of shit on some of the Oils/tinctures…it's a MCT in a lot of it and carrier…but knew too guilty of some other bad shit like PG and Glycerin.. And it's not stuff you should exactly want to vape….Most of it is probably MCT so yeah you can vape a lot of it.

  26. Cbd is not from marijuana it’s from an entire different plant

  27. This so called Surgeon will tell you whatever the highest bidder has paid him to tell you. It is a shame and he has no shame.

  28. real pot head sniffs it like that lol.

  29. Best oil I have tried is hempworx xx

  30. Dr. Oz acting like he never saw pot before, but he went to medical school, with the biggest druggies…LMAO

  31. Texas (my state) do not want to help their citizens who are suffering who only have the help from Human made Medications (Big Pharmacy &$$$$$$$) which have bad side effects and consequences. My mom has parkinsons disease and asked her neurologist here in Texas about Medical Marijuana and he said it was hogwash.. He's hogwash. We need it legalized. So many people are suffering who obey the law, and those that don't obey the law ,get it anyway. You are only hurting the ones that obey the law. Good Job Texas. NOT

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