Our Ultimate Guide to Using CBD oil

Everything you wanted to know about City & Sea Trading CBD hemp oil. www.cityandseatrading.com **For education purposes only. None of the statements in …


  1. Am having problem confirming my order (how can I contact u )

  2. Looking for the best CBD online, check out http://www.hempxtra.com

  3. Why not just 100 percent of cbd. ? Stivia in. Cbd oil ?

  4. consult your doctor so he report you to the feds?

  5. Do you ship to Canada?

  6. using CBD for 4 years…and it is great!!!
    Greetings from the Netherlands!!

  7. Okay I have a quick question… I would like to get this for someone in my family who is in the military (gut and joint issues). Does it show up in drug tests? I am so ignorant about cannabis, but I think it could be super duper helpful to this person if they could actually take it 🙂

  8. I'm taking Paroxetine for anxiety. Is CBD safe to take with this medication. I tried it once, and was shocked how well it worked for my inflammation and chronic pain. I also seemed to fall asleep rather quickly which was kinda weird since I haven't been able to put down my head and fall asleep that fast since I can remember. Thanks for your time and your videos 🙂

  9. thanks for the info can't wait for mine to get in to try it

  10. Is it legal in canada? I want to order some but I'm afraid it will stay stuck at the border. Also, I want to use it for anxiety, is their proof that it helps? Thank you!!!

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