Nuleaf CBD oil VS Elixinol CBD oil

This is just my personal experience with the two oils!


  1. Man, did you like film this in a women's prison or what?

  2. Very kind of you to share. Really helps!

  3. Hey, I used ALLCBD15 to get 15% off of nuleaf naturals 🙂 after watching your review. which is awesome…

  4. Diet weed! ?.
    Have yet to try either of those brands…but I just began my CBD journey. Absolutely love the stuff! I have some 250 of +CBD oil, have to take like 3/4 droppers (whole) before it puts a dent on my anxiety. Gonna try bluebird 6x next. Have you tried it?

  5. 10 drops??!?! Damn, this stuff must be pretty weak if you need that much.. Why not just get real cannabis CBD oil which is much higher in CBD compared to the elixinol hemp stuff. Much better CBD/$ ratio and better cannabinoid and tarpine profiles. Isn't cannabis CBD oil legal in USA?

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