NEW 2018! CBD infused with C-60 and TURMERIC – A POWERHOUSE !!!

17-11-15 PURE ENERGY CONNECTIONS Radio Show, Host DJ Shirley interviewing the World’s Expert in the Biological Signaling Technology – AUDIO BY …


  1. I think the Better oil for c60 combination is…. Black seed cumin oil + c60.

  2. Hi, Please go to in see why the absorption is superior in this product of the carbon 60 and tumeric…
    This is done via a biological signaling technology.

  3. The problem that was skipped over was how using Alcohol.. as the leaching agent for extraction of CBD's. This is counterproductive,when C60 is a single molecule.

  4. Monsanta higher ups should be brought to Gitmo and as traitors to humanity be hanged.

  5. I have been taking C60 in EVOO for about 8 months now to great effect. I am 62 and feel 30 again. I also started using hemp oil for cooking and salads almost a year ago. I purchase that by the case from Rocky Mountain Grain Products in Alberta. I use a Curcumin (turmeric) supplement daily that was developed by Dr Al Sears and is available at his online store He has added piperine to make make the curcumin 20 times more bioavailable. Product is called Curcumin Triple Burn. I sent my 86 year old mother some when she started complaining of arthritis and within 3 months (at half the recommended dose) her arthritis cleared up and she is now getting all her friends to buy it. I would highly recommend for shungite info and products. They have pendants and stickers for EMF/WIFI protection that are highly effective and protective. I have also purchased shungite from Karellian Heritage in Russia and had no problems with pricing or delivery. I am resting my forearms on a one kilogram bag of shungite powder as I type which I intend to sprinkle in my garden for increased yields. This has been highly studied in Russia and France. For more info read "Shungite" by Regina Martino.

  6. LMAO! My company's initials are CBD (Carbon Bottle Depot). I also live in Carbon…Carbon, Alberta Canada. I hope this coincidence drives some traffic to my small village and business. Here's hoping!

  7. Very informational video. Loved the questions and answers! Thanks for the upload! #subbed

  8. C60 very expensive on its own,  despite the complexity to make it, there is just no need for such greed.

  9. Wait a minute here…you are "imprinting using scalar plasma technology"? So you aren't actually putting C60 or turmeric oil into the CBD oil physically? While I am quite aware of how to do that (and have done it with many various substances), that can be done far cheaper than actually having to add the substances and get the oil saturated with it. So I'm wondering what the cost is for the product; no prices are shown on your website.

  10. Cost is such a factor under this oppressive money system. Many of the people with the greatest need just can't afford the prices for the cure. For instance, the highly acclaimed C-60 Purple Power is around $190 for an 8 oz bottle, and that is more than one quarter of my entire income as a disabled senior. How can the people that need it most but cannot afford the price acquire such concoctions before they succumb to their illnesses? Medicare or private insurance won't foot the bill. Whole demographics are at risk.

  11. Actually, there ARE pests that prey on hemp. Mites, aphids, budworms…but there are also predators that prey on these pests. So no, you don't have to use poison to control pests, but you'd better be well versed on organic growing techniques to do well. Oh…and it does indeed help to grow hemp in fertile soil OR feed it nutrients for the highest yield.

  12. I wonder if anyone is ever looked at processing Kudzu for concrete use or if there's any health benefit value to making oil out of this because this stuff when left alone takes over everything and grows very fast and is a nuisance everywhere there must be some kind of application that this could be used in

  13. I wonder if you can somehow use this to come up with a healthy way for the vapor industry with these favors cigarette things because this carbon could go straight into the lungs and because it's so small it would penetrate the blood cells quicker

  14. I would look at enhancing this with hydrogen and fulvic acid 750mg of niagen

  15. One drop of fulvic acid on the tongue with what your doing and two capsules of Mongolian astragalus root

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