My honest review of CBD oil-effects of CBD oil on ataxa symptoms

I’ve been using CBD oil for nearly two months now so I thought i’d share my thoughts on it and hopefully it will inform a few of you if you’re thinking about trying it.


  1. Great video! is your cbd oil full spectrum (containing trace amounts of THC)? Because i noticed a much better effect for my anxiety snd happiness on full spectrum versus the isolate… also I had to take large doses (at least 50 mg to over 100 mg to feel the full effects of it…. although as little as 12.5 mg helped my anxiety)

  2. Give it a try, its not worked for me.

  3. oh – lol at the description of ataxia – like a ginger step-child of Parkinson's – lol!!!

  4. I've been taking it for over a year now & I'll agree with everything Jo Ann said – my handwriting has greatly improved and I'm actually drawing again. I'm not nearly as prone to get angry at myself either! I think the effectiveness of it has a lot to do with quality. Unfortunately, there are so many manufacturer's that are jumping on the bandwagon and supplements are not regulated like food or medicines (in the US) – consumers need to be aware of this & not waste their money …

  5. I take the CBD oil, 4parts CBD and 1 part THC It helps to make me less shaky, it also helps with my articulation problems..It takes the edge of slightly so that I am less irritable. so all these things encourage me to take it. I take it not religiously but I do have it on hand if needed.

  6. Sadly I dont think there will be any results of it, since there is no scientific basis for it to actually work with Ataxia (or many other diseases) . Or at least there is no evidence or proper research done (mice studies do not count) in this field.

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