MY FIRST TIME | Trying CBD oil

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  1. I would feel fuzzy if I was around you 😂😂😂😂

  2. Next up you should try psilocybin microdosing.

  3. The first 2 minutes were almost like a porno scene.

  4. Don't do it Don't do it I hear it could make you fly horny and loose all control.

  5. I tried it, and i don't think CW Hemp is the one for me. Had a terrible
    day. Brain fog, and really tired. I was using another brand of cbd for 4
    days before this and it was doing great. I don't understand how there
    could be such a difference. I used the same dosage as before. I'll try
    it once more tomorrow, and then I'll go back to the other brand. It
    really bums me out cause I heard so much good stuff about CW, and the
    other brand is more expensive too.

    EDIT: Tried in again this morn, and same thing. Headache, brain fog, and irritable. I just dont get it. I didn't have any of that with Nuleaf. So disappointed it didn't work for me.

  6. i can't help but laugh w/ the music and how you reacted to it. i loved it! you are so funny!

  7. Love this; btw I also get fuzzy drinking kombucha!!! Weak sauce…

  8. You are so funny. Thank you for sharing!

  9. You're so GORGEOUS Gianna😍 I need your recipes😊

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