My first day using CBD oil for depression..

  1. I couldn't help but notice you're driving stick shift 😃

  2. Thanks for your tip, Andy. I have bought mail order from the best of my knowledge (limited) two makes of CBD oil. They didn't make the difference I thought so I am going to go on your recommendation and try that company. I'll let you know. Thanks for your videos….very helpful. Best wishes. x

  3. Sorry about your little boy & Thanks a lot, I'm waiting for my CBD for anxiety, you give me hope.

  4. Hi Andy, Today I tried CBD oil for the first time, I think it should be re-branded OMG oil, as I feel EXACTLY the same as you have explained in this video on day one EXACTLY. I will also be doing the same as you tomorrow and starting this whole thing off with video to show others how good this has made me feel on DAY 1. Yesterday i'm ashamed to say i had Merseyside Police helicopter and half of Merseyside police force out looking for me as I wrote a suicide note for my family and lay my head on the train tracks, closed my eyes and wanted to end my life…..Today i woke up and decided to go and get some CBD oil from a shop around the corner and OMG I feel AMAZING today. Two years of pain and around 20+ tablets a day tramadol, diazapan, amtrpoline, gabapenton to name just a few…Today I took 1 tramadol in the morning then went out and got this CBD oil and have taken no more tablets today since. I FELL F***ING AMAZING.

  5. So sorry to hear that. Ive also lost a son. All the best to you mate

  6. I posted them your video. They have now come back to me and said they do! 🙂

  7. Hi, Andy, I contacted CBD Pure and they are telling me they do not post to GB. I was wondering if I have picked up wrongly from you. How would I contact the UK site? x

  8. Mate what's ur recommend website for ordering ur cbd? Don't wanna order something that's shit

  9. positive vibes your way 1 love

  10. The moment you started filming in your car I started smiling throughout the rest of your video. It makes me happy to see the change in your mood. All the best to you!

  11. Im gonna try this! So happy its worked for you man! All the best !❤️

  12. Good on you for making this video sorry for your loss . Meditation really helps my mood along with exercising . Even a 20 min walk a day is good. Also listening to eckart tolle who has great videos on utube and 2 great books on being present minded and grateful.

  13. just started my CBD oil journey too against depression and anxiety hope it works!

  14. All you have to do is watch the video back. Your whole posture and demeanor changed. If it was placebo effect it was awesome or you're an amazing actor.

  15. I just want to say, I'm so sorry for your loss. Your family is in my prayers. I hope you accept my condolences. I don't think you'll be disappointed in the CBD. I was glad you said you got 600mg bottle. Just don't give up on it before at least 3 weeks is up.

  16. I usually vape my cbd. It’s not very well absorbed sublingually.

  17. How much does it cost for that amount where you live?

  18. Sorry to hear about your little boy Andy. I'm on day 4 of CBD and I think it's helping with my anxiety. Hope it continues to work for both of us!

  19. I was on Prozac a few years ago for anxiety, the doctor said my related symptoms of ADHD, and depression were from anxiety. I don't disagree, but I hated how much Prozac made me sleep and how I simply didn't care about anything. I quit taking them 4 months later. Ive been taking 50mgs of sleeping pills from Walmart for 3 years daily, which wrecks your system. Today I went to a CBD store, after a month of pure constant anxiety attacks and depressive moods. I smiled for the first time in weeks genuinely tonight after taking 12-13mg. I'm also feeling sleepy, no sleeping pill. I have the agree with you in the beginning of the video, my dropper has mo measurements either. I'm guessing. I'm hoping in continuing to take it I get as happy as you did in this video. It gave me some hope that maybe it can work for me.

  20. Thanks for sharing your experience! I’ve dealt with depression and suicidal ideation for years and just started CBD oil 4 days ago. I have high hopes

  21. @Andy Warner – Photographer hi, im glad to have found your video. i suffer from serious depression and want to try CBD for it. I was wondering if there are any videos, websites, or anything that you have found that you would recommend for further information. im gonna go check out more of your videos and if it turns out that it doesnt work thank you anyway for posting a video to help others

  22. Say it doesn't get you high one more time please?!!! If you could.. i was a complete ignorant fuck who thought it was ok for people to go to jail for healing their aches , pains , seizures , and depression right before i watched this video!!! Getting high off of marijuana is of the DEVIL and I had completely no knowledge whatsoever that there was a difference between CBD and that horrendous, dreaded, Villain of a molecule… DARE I SAY IT!?!?! T…H…C WOW Maybe Marijuana related products wont get me a ticket straight to slumville because i can enjoy not wanting to kill myself without smoking my way into THC thugdom. Thanks youtube

  23. Having a four month old son I just can not imagine the pain you have gone through. My thoughts are with you and your partner. I hope you can find some clarity in the future and find the strength to move forward with your life thanks for the video.

  24. Try phenibut also. For me it works great. If it is placebo who cares.

  25. i suffered from severe depression after a break up with my x and the kids plus a whole load of other stuff.
    i have studied tried almost everything from acupuncture and Chinese herbs to tai chi, chi gung and in terms of deit, macobiotics, vegan, vegitarian , low carb high protien all of which were helpfull and yet i was still getting severe bouts of deppression then i tryed cannabis, at first i was vaping dry herb and it was a massive imporvement but i was getting very stonned too.
    so i looked into the cbd oil (not legal here as it was full spectrum, with THC) that had even better results but again it was very trippy which is great but i did not want to be like that everyday, so i looked for high strenth CBD without the thc.
    now i get the benifits and a clear head.
    for those that think they can get the same results from diets and hot rocks and crystals please look up the bodys canabinoid system so named as they did not know it existed until they started to research how CBD oil works.

  26. research lithium orotate and the reviews for it for depression and other issues

  27. When i first tried the oil i felt 'actualization', i felt conscious of being conscious. There was no psychological effects persay rather a calming effect and no worries given.

  28. I used to have panic attaks every day but ever since i became vegan i have less anxiety stress and depression. . Energy cannot be created nor destroyed .It can only be transformed.We are consuming all the energy the animal experienced before and during their deaths. We are what we eat

  29. Andy, very sorry for your lost. I just want to say Jesus loves you. Maybe if you would ask him to heal you for give you for any sin in your life. He set you free from everything that's messing up your life. He will if you ask. My heart goes out to you and your family. Have a blessed life ok! Carol

  30. Waiting for mine in the mail to help treat my depression, and anxiety.

  31. So sorry for your loss ❤

  32. So sorry for your loss. I'm glad you're feeling better. Hang in there.

  33. Poeple wouldnt be able to do cbd if its male cuz of pollen and they would have allergies to it

  34. Isnt cbd a compound found in female cannabis not hemp cuz i have a prescription for sateva and indaca for pain depression anxiety and other stuff and for day and night and its still bud and the plant has about like over 30 different chemicals in it too

  35. Those who keep posting negative comments …. I will just delete because I'm not gonna to tolerate bullshit when it comes to my mental health…

    I am getting amazing results from CBD…. It's changed my life and I am learning new things all the time. I have done a massive amount of research both before starting and certainly since starting CBD and most of all of felt the results and I am experiencing the life changes it's given me.

    If you are not interested in CBD…. then don't take it. But don't waste your time being negative and trying to put me down.

    i am also very aware of the medical benefits of THC and you will find plenty of videos about that… but this about CBD.

    Most of all… Thank you for the kind words. The trolls are annoying but the kind people are amazing and make my days better. Thank you x

  36. Also try looking at Niacin (b3), it,s very effective for depression.

  37. Is this in Wolverton? Anyway lol I’m glad it’s helping.

  38. seeing you get so happy after made my whole entire WEEK. you deserve happiness

  39. Side effects that I have noticed when taking larger doses were just groggy or fuzziness which during the day is not ideal.

  40. Oh and agree on CBD for depression. I have raging bipolar disorder. I also shoot Pentax. Probably a causal link!

  41. My left ear is loving this. My right ear not so much.

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