My experience with panic disorder and cbd oil

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  1. You're an inspiration michael , greetings from Uk

  2. It was meant for me to see this at 12pm at midnight. I’m a Combat Veteran currently suffering from Chronic PTSD and now an Anxiety Order has been added to the list of mental illnesses….this video is confirmation that I’m on the right track with now using CBD OIL….more recently my blood pressure has now leveled out. Thank you for testimonial.

  3. same experience here, bud. cbd changed my life. feel like what I imagine a "normal" person feels like. anyone with an anxiety or panic disorder has to give it a try.

  4. I have question. Classic marihuana caused panic disorder to me. I had my first panic attack when I was high. And now I have panic disorder. Can CBD help me with that? I am afraid to try it..

  5. Great video so re assuring im dealing with exactly what you are im about to try cbd today before i went to medication panic disorders are the scariest thing ever a living hell thanks for the video

  6. Thanks for the advice, I suffer the same with anxiety and depression, currently taking sertaline, not been having much effect, i am going to give this a go, as my daughter suffers the same and has been using a vape, i don't smoke so will try the capsules.
    I hope you stay well, good luck.

  7. TRY MAGNESIUM GLYCINATE 4-600MG for Female 1000MG for a male. Formula 5X your Body Weight in MG. Take 1/2 in the am 1/2 in the evening 1hour before bed.

    GAME CHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Join my Facebook Support Group guys! Its free, friendly, we can chat and everyone in the group is welcoming and talks openly about anything. It can really help you!

  9. I truly love how you can speak open and honest straight from your heart… One of the best explanation of anxiety/panic disorder… Hope you are still doing well with panic disorder… You are not alone in fighting this monster… I am just starting CBD oil… 😉

  10. Damn brother, thanks for the video. Your story, with the exception of the OCD, is a mirror image of mine. I'm 41 now and I've been dealing with panic disorder since I was 20. I just started to take CBD oil sublingual. But I'm going to check out the vape for it since I vape anyway. Lots of prayers for you.

  11. I understand. I’ve all the same experiences. I’m on a lot of meds. Frequent attacks have affected my heart & now I’m in heart failure. By accident I saw something about magnesium. That really helps. Amazing. I also can’t sleep at night. Neighbors think I’m lazy because I sleep during the day. They don’t understand I can’t sleep at night! I’m going to try CBD.

  12. Where can i purchase that vape pen

  13. Thanks for sharing your story, Michael!

  14. How much do you take? How often per day? I was extremely happy you mentioned that it gave you anxiety when you first started.

  15. hey bro I suffer from severe depersonalization and derealization brought on by horrible intrusive thoughts wanting to try this will it help me become normal again with my thoughts and feelings being that of a normal person and not that produced by anxiety and fear

  16. Thank you for this video I’ve been wondering about this, my anxiety is literally the same. I can’t do anything taking a shower is even scary like you said, and I can never go out. I definitely want to try this out because I feel my medicine doesn’t do anything for me.

  17. Michael you explained this (our) condition very well. Folks think we “should” be able to control our condition. I too have control using CBD and Celica and folate. Consider using folate BUT only use L-5-MTHF. I have regained my life.

  18. Your story is identical to mine.. even the first year experience: 2011… I lost my job due to the same symptoms you talked about.. my doctor reccomended celexa, and I’ve been incredibly skeptical because I’ve heard some negative things about ssri’s.. I haven’t been diagnosed with hypochondria but I can tell my doctor thinks that is what’s going on. All tests have come back negative… but I’m still experiencing constant fatigue, panic attacks, and depression. I want to go back to school bad, but my doctor refuses to give me a letter saying that I need more time to finish schoolwork unless I start taking antidepressants.. I don’t really want to do that, but I’m thinking about it because I want my like back… I’m thinking about trying CBD

  19. Thanks for sharing your experience brother.

  20. I was in the same situation like u ???? but now I'm ok ..I wish ol the best

  21. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  22. Thanks for posting this video as just by doing that your automatically helping someone else. Your video made me feel more assure that cbd can work and the way you felt was same or worse then mine. So if it helped you it can probanly help me. Also made me feel I'm not the only feeling like this. Also this video are ammos for me next time i feel panicky to attack it with.

  23. I have benefitted greatly from a community acupuncture clinic. Want to spread the word as I didnt even realize it was usable for mind issues. Thanks for updating on your progress.

  24. hang it there…panic disorder is lonely scary disorder. i used to have severe panic years ago. horrible. use whatever helps.

  25. I've been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks since I was 20 and I'm 34 now I've been on citalopram since but I still get panic attacks I've been trying everything to help me and only now I've been getting alot of people telling me to use cbd oil. So I wanted to see reviews on YouTube and your vid was the first that popped up. Thanks for the vid mate really appreciate it. I'm defo going to try cbd oil.

  26. So good to know I’m not alone. Anxiety and panic disorder is so debilitating. Just ordered some cbd oil hope it helps!

  27. I know your video is from 2 years ago but i just came across it because i just purchased some cbd oil. I hope your doing ok. Ive been poisoning my body with klonopin for almost 3 years now & i just don’t want to that anymore. Thank you so much sharing your story. I know all those feelings you described. I hope it works for me.

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