My experience with CBD oil (full spectrum/ Thoughtcloud)

If you’re interested in trying CBD oil, check out and use my code for discount – EMIRA Thank you for watching! My instagram: Emirafoods.


  1. Did you take it right before the video? Lol

  2. How is this taken do you pour some on ur drink 🤷🏻‍♀️ im clueless

  3. Can u tell me how much it is…I'm trying a gummie tonight…10mgs

  4. If anyone is interested in getting into this booming new industry check this out.

  5. I was taking the full spectrum CBD for a week . Found it worked exactly as you say .
    Took a drug test for my own curiosity and have been testing positive for THC for 10 days after not taking it

  6. I too have discovered cbd for anxiety through vaping!
    So relaxing.
    What strength vape do you use, I'm on 100

  7. My friend just got this for me – I have anxiety problems, back pain from a cycling injury and my sleep patterns are terrible to say the least. I have tried antidepressants and anti anxiety meds and they do nothing… I’m looking forward to trying this. I hope it helps. Thoughtcloud 500mg!

  8. full spectrum ,co2 extracted is the good stuff some cbd Dosent work because it isn't extracted right

  9. Cbd oil can show up on a drug test. You mentioned it doesn't.

  10. Let's bang you are hot bitch

  11. This bytch is badd for whatever she is. I'd smash

  12. By the way you do look fantastic!

  13. If CBD makes you feel good and calm.then take it instead of opiods

  14. Loved watching your video Emira. I swear you look just like Priyanka Chopra that stars on Quantico. I've been watching so many reviews on CBD oil to see if it would be right for me as I have lower back pain, anxiety, and depression. I think I will end up trying the CBD oil and see if it works for me. Thanks for the video.

  15. Do you know if the CBD oil have calories?

  16. Just what I thought… you're only trying to push a product for sponsorship. You obviously aren't being truthful because there's no way that a dose of one or even 2 drops of CBD oil has enough milligrams to have any effect. Yes, CBD can be great but only at the proper dose. That's why you failed to mention what mg dose you were taking. All you said was one drop. Science states otherwise.

  17. Damn woman, you are fucking gorgeous

  18. Do you just drip or have you ever tried vaping it? I've been having a problem with anxiety as well. So I've been thinking about trying it.

  19. Saved 3 bucks thanks for the code and review!

  20. Please monitize your account

  21. Sounds like a interesting product lol

  22. Been so excited for this video back when you said you were making it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. If you are asking why am I watching this video ?
    Let me tell you that I don't know what CBD , I watch your videos because you are really beautiful . And I will watch what ever you upload just to see this sublime face.
    Anyway nice to see you uploading again.

  24. paid ad, you know that shit is pseudoscience hipster shit. placebo effect.

  25. Your name means princess in arabic

  26. I love you Emira, you're just so good .

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