my 1st day on cbd oil for anxiety/depression

cbd oil/anxiety/depression.


  1. I've been using CBD products for over a year now and I need to correct you on a few things. Firstly it's pronounced canna bid doll (cannabidol) and most companies derive their CBD products from hemp not marijuana which is why it's legal at least in the USA, there's no THC in that CBD. Hemp is a different plant that belongs to the cannabis family but the plants are two different things. Also your process was wrong, you don't put it under your tongue and swish, you leave it under your tongue for 60-90 seconds to allow for maximum absorption before swallowing. I hope this helps!

  2. Good video, I suffer from OCD, and I understand what a pressure can be caused by my mental illness, i really wish you well

  3. You need to try DMT. It will cure you.

  4. Its not cannabis oil. Its oil from cold pressed hemp seeds. Not made from marijuana. Then its watered down even more with other oils and stuff. Its a scam. In order to benefit from cannabis you need to get REAL full spectrum THC/CBD oil made from marijuana. Not from hemp seeds.
    You may feel some type of relief from high doses of hemp CBD oil, but youll have much better results from real CBD.

  5. The reason some places banned Kava is because some manufacturers were using the bark along with the root, the bark is highly toxic to the liver. So to avoid people getting a product that contains bark, they just ban it. However there are many companies out there that are legit and just use the pure root. You might be able to order it online from where you live. I have used it and you are right it does work great. It's unfortunate that they have banned it in your area rather than just banning specific companies. Many times it's easier for the health departments to ban a substance rather than doing any actual research on it.

  6. Thanks for sharing John. My Mum just recommended I try this since I refuse to take pharmaceutical drugs. Looking for a Holland and Barrett store asap. Hope its going well for you 🙂

  7. keep strong mate! you seem like a really nice guy 🙂

  8. I understand anxiety all too well my friend. Every social interaction for me is a mother f$@!#%. And I'm getting angry with it as well because nothing has seemed to help me so far. I will be giving cbd oil a try pretty soon and hopefully it will help. If I told you the remedy, yes "the" remedy, would you be inclined to giving it a shot? You see, years back I went on a little trip. Basically I decided to spontaneously live homeless because I was lacking a sense of freedom in pretty much every area of my life. I took a trip to flagstaff Arizona with nothing but a backpack and some essential gear. What i soon found out was this; when I had nothing, no technology to keep me distracted. No internet, no luxury basically, my anxiety disappeared. I was also out in nature every day, so that helped me tremendously. A big breath of pine trees, alongside a sense of undisturbed freedom. That is what took my anxiety away and believe it or not it was basically overnight. Now I'm not recommending to you that you go and make yourself homeless, but maybe all you need is to explore more of the outside world and nature and enjoy full breaths of fresh air. Seems too simple to work, but you'll find that simplicity is exactly whats needed. Simplicity, when all else fails, always does the trick, because we overcomplicate things as human beings. Far too much. My anxiety has returned to me only because I'm no longer regularly exposed to nature, and thus, I feel deeply unfulfilled. Society has a way of darkening our perspective, nature has a way of replenishing our resolve. And effectively at that. Good luck to you my friend, and I hope you find your solution. Maybe with a little social deprivation out in nature, you'll come to miss talking to people, and with that, anxiety cannot exist. Peace.

  9. I wish u ol the best 😟😟😟😟 stay strong 😳😳😳😢😢😢😢😢

  10. Hi brother all Love and God bless you i pray your made well again in jesus Christ Name amein

    Read the bible brother reading God's word is a comfort inits self i have tried the cbd oil yeah I Believe the herb works

    King James Bible
    And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat

    Don't get this wrong though doesn't mean we all should get high and loose our minds it means that God has given us all the different plants so if we do get ill we can be made well again we are all made from the dust of the Earth if you do your science we have in our bodies over 21plus part trace elements compounds, minerals ect.. found in the Earth.. we all should eat foods from the Earth not processed rubbish thats why we getting all this anxiety and attacks with all different things making us ill from botched foods if you eat way to much of it…
    All in all read your bible the word of God He instructs us how to live clean and healthy lives and teaches us to be better humans better more loving and gracious to each other all Glory to the Creator through our LORD Jesus Christ HALLELUYAH

    I don't need anyone to rant at me for preaching the word of God humble your selves as we all should i dont mind your thoughts if you want to share but I did not come here to argue but only to bless this man and share to him and others the Loving Word of God

    ALL Love and God bless
    All Glory to the LORD Jesus Christ amein HALLELUYAH

  11. I've been there for years too sweetheart, it's dreadful.
    But cbd oil vaping 200 every 2/3 hours has changed my life xxx
    canavape are fabulous xx

  12. Go to …CBD brothers …online UK based there stuff is awsome that Holland and Barrett stuff is crap….get the purple addition and blue addition…🙂you be leveled out feeling normal in no time

  13. Try do dry fasting start from 12hours to 18hours max.. Make sure from 1a.m dont consume anything

  14. You should go watch some Jordan Peterson videos my man. His lectures really helped me understand and deal with my depression and anxiety in a much more profound way.

  15. John Carter… how are you doing? I suffer the same. Please reach out when you have the time. Joe Sa on facebook. Im the one with long hair.

  16. I have tried many different substances over the years and I firmly believe Clonazapam is the worst drug out there

  17. When I was eating raw vegan, vegetarian, it helped so much, my depression wasn't entirely eliminated, but I could bounce back so much faster when I ate this way. It really was a miricle for me. I hope you can take it into consideration. All the best

  18. Thank you for being so brave. Stay strong
    Becoming a Vegan 🌱 has helped me in so many ways. No more Big Farma 🚫

  19. Thanks for sharing. You're helping others giving them your experience.

  20. I have debilitating anxiety and depression, I don’t leave the house basically ever. I’m on disability for it. I’m so sick of feeling this way. I was on medicine but none really completely helped, the only thing that takes it away almost 100% was thc oil.. now my boyfriend and I are pregnant and My doctor threatened me even though I have my mmj card saying CPS will take my child. Now everyday feels like fucking death.. but I’m trying CBD oil today along with water with Small amounts of pink Himalayan salt. I hope for the sake of my son I can stay healthy throughout this pregnancy.. I hope you are well too. Good luck in the future and take care of yourself. XX 🙁

  21. Yep. "Anyone who suffers would know". And those they don't can't possibly imagine. Again – good luck. Good luck to us all. xx

  22. Good luck, man. I'm on the same road.

  23. I'm the same I suffer from social anxiety and depression too and I absolutely agree with you when you said that the meditations are poisons! plus they don't work in a way you would like them too.
    I am hesitant to try the CBD oil but worth giving any thing a shot than being on medication that I've been on for over 10 – 15 years

    How are you doing with the CBD oils are they helping with your anxiety? Compared to your medications?
    Keep strong and fighting!

  24. Depression is natural I think everyone goes through it and everyone becomes stronger from it. I always think of less fortunate people if I start feeling down then things don't seem that bad

  25. I can feel your pain! Be strong, you're not alone!

  26. If this doesn't work, or if you can't get it in your country, maybe try aniracetam?

  27. Respect to you for posting this video mate I hope things are feeling better for you , I'm currently going through a bad spell with health anxiety and depression , I have for about 4 years now and seeing people like you open up in front of the world helps me alot , I noticed in a comment on your video uve stopped using the oil ? Did it just not work ? did you manage to get off the (PRAMS) yet pal ?
    Thanks mate god bless

  28. I think you may need a stronger mg the ones you buy are in shops are very low

  29. same here man. in a bad way at the moment. Keep strong .sharon

  30. Your supposed to hold it under your tongue for a while

  31. Ur not alone brother! I suffer with bipolar n smokin cannabis n using cbd oil is the only thing that helps me

  32. Hello mate i have started using cbd today to get rid of my anti dep pills.been on em for nearly 20 yrs but struggle when i try to stop.keep us all informed on how you go and i will do the same.

  33. it's all about your diet pal! firstly give up grains n see how that goes n good luck pal check out blood type diet or the immogenics allergy food plan

  34. Hey John. Ive been diagnosed with bi-polar, anxiety, and chronic nerve pain. I tried cbd in lower doses 10mg to 15mg and didn't do much for me. Then I increased the doses to about 25mg and experienced a huge difference with my anxiety that leads to depression. You have to look at the MG per serving on the doses. It's confusing and at a higher mg it's expensive I know. Let me know what you think. Ill say a prayer for you buddy!

  35. Bought a Bottle Yesterday at a Health food Store..says 15 drops..I took 7 drops Yesterday..and 7 Today…Got a HUGE Aniexty attack today…oh and I'm also fighting a Flu so I Don't know if I should have waited till my Flu was Over?? Could Bearly drive home from the Beach…ugh..SMH

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