Missouri Senator Eric Schmitt Closing Speech For CBD Oil Legislation

In a Gentle Way You Can Shake the World: Our Family’s Journey and Hope for Children with Epilepsy.


  1. Why is it that the FDA "needs" to investigate the effects of thc before anybody can even think about it being accepted and legalized. Yet state after state has accepted cbd rich medicine without it needing to be thoroughly tested by the FDA.  Something is not right with this. All Cannabis should be legal and you should stop tip toeing around. As long as Cannabis is illegal people will go without the medicine they need.

  2. I called my daughter's neurologist on Tuesday morning, and he can't prescribe her CBD oil (because it can't be "prescribed"), and he can't do anything to help us get it either. It's not that he doesn't want to. 

    Children's Mercy Hospital, Washington University, and St. Louis Children's Hospital are all refusing to allow their doctors to have anything to do with CBD because it is still federally illegal. 

    My daughter has Lennox-Gastaut and has failed 8 meds, keto, and the VNS. We need this and we need it now. Even though they made this "emergency provision" so no one has to wait 90 days, it does no one a bit of good because there is nowhere to get it in Missouri anyway. My parents live in Connecticut where MM was legalized last year, and my father is still waiting for his "prescription" for his pain and anxiety. His doctor of 17 years can't even recommend him for it because her hands are tied by the hospital she is affiliated with.

    I know we are only three days into this new adventure, but I hope that these details will be sorted out and sorted out quickly for our children. We need access to the oil now, but it sounds like there is going to be a circus full of hoops to jump through first.

  3. unfortunately this idea of CBD only medicine has distracted from the fact that THC has many more medicinal effects than CBD only . Its a shame Missouri is steering away from true medical marijuana, that has the ability to help a majority of americans in one way or another, for this oil that only helps some epileptics. Added THC is needed for the other epileptics to get relief. 

    Do you think its greedy to rush CBD only legislation for yourself, while millions of others struggle with poor quality of life and are forced to take pain medications to live day to day. 

    I guess we will have to wait till another senator needs medical marijuana for a loved one before it expands. It really is not fair to anybody.

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