Medical Marijuana for Neuropathy (Nerve Pain)

Neuropathy, a condition caused by nerve damage, can cause patients excruciating amounts of pain. Robert of Mill Valley, CA is one of those patients.


  1. Would you like my help? Head on over to I’ll step-by-step walk you through how to safely use medical marijuana to help relieve your Nerve Pain (Neuropathy).

  2. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  3. Has anyone tried this for trigeminal neuralgia

  4. Hello, My mom has cancer in her liver that is causes her side pain, she is currently going through immunotherapy. There is the pain on her right side a lot of the time will topical application cannabis help with pain management. From what I understand the liver itself does not have nerves but the tumor is pushing on some to cause pain in that area, If you could help with any information on this would so greatly be appreciated,

  5. I have chronic neck pain after a car crash and head injury 8 years ago. I also have ulnar neuropathy. I can't take nsaids since I have high blood pressure and I tried neurontin but it made my legs swell
    To balloons. I'm new to this but do you think I would have a chance to get approved? I'm losing hope

  6. I have pain with my sciatic nerve From time to time and marijuana completely relieves the pain.

  7. I have restless leg syndrome will cbd oil help

  8. What type of CBD oil should I order for periperil neuropathy

  9. I have crohns disease from the past 7 years I know I need CBD oil and thc oil both 50/50 ratio I have heard many research saying that this ratio helps fix the most complicated case in crohns history. I beg you please help me get the oil.. I only have a high thc oil at the moment it only helps me with the pain and nothing else so I am still suffering very badly. [email protected]

  10. I take Venlafaxine (Effexor) for my diabetic neuropathy… I have 0 pain and maybe every once in a while I will get a tingle here or there, but it doesn't hurt. The problem is the withdrawl… if I miss a pill, then as the effexor wears off I get headaches, my head just pulses bad, I feel sick… ugh. I hate it. But even that is better than the neuropathy. As long as I don't miss a pill, I have no noticeable side effects.

  11. I have neuropathy & arthritis in feet too & I'm constant pain. The only way to relieve it is smoking it. I'm not taking any painpillls. They make me sick & dizzy..

  12. Thank you for a good clinical discussion on the effectiveness of Medical Marijuana. (MM) I have cronic cervical nerve damage which was not remediated by a 3 disk fusion. I have been managing with opioids, Gabapentin and tizanidine. My pain specialist just suggested MM. So I've been researching all of it. Your post was very helpful.

  13. What about Trigeminal Neuralgia???

  14. Where is your office located?

  15. Thank you so much! You are doing amazing work! My dad has nerve pain caused by his diabetes, I am hoping that he will try cbd because at the end of the day he cant do anything because of his pain

  16. Thank you, excellent information. I have lived with spinal pain most of my life. Thank God I live in a state that has legalized medical Marijuana use. Voters passed and approved the use. Which was later approved by the courts.

    I have used various treatments to deal with spinal stenosis and degenerative disk disease. When I stoped marijuana I couldn’t steep a full night and had noticeable pain and discomfort even though I was still taking other strong medications.

    There is no question the benefits are noticeable and measurable. Thanks again for your time and focus in an effort to help ppl like me!

  17. I had so much nerve pain in my leg and hip that i could not even use my muscles to move my leg i had to have someone move my leg for me, i could not get out of bed.. i took a form of cannabis that was high in cbd it was said to be 50/50 cbd/thc and literally in less than 1 min the pain was gone, i was able to move my leg again and even get out of bed as if i had never had the nerve pain, i took this for 3 more days and the nerve pain left and hasn't returned.. my mom said, no one would believe this, she said she had a hard time believing it, she said if she hadn't seen me in such pain she never would have believe it.. and likewise even me i just can understand it, i mean the pain was very intense, i had to stream LOUD to just be able to move my leg, after wards i could move it as if it never had pain.. i still find it hard to believe.. i believe my Neuropathy is from taking cipro for 6 months.. and i have no doubt that God made cannabis 50/50 cbd/thc for us to eat.. not smoke..

  18. My husband has neuropathy in his feet and legs from agent orange exposure (Vietnam) and diabetes. A friend has told me to put marijuana in rubbing alcohol to rub on his feet? What do you think? He's uncomfortable with taking an oral form.

  19. Dr. thank you for your video. Currently, I’m taking medical marijuana, CBD oil and a low dose THC vape for neuropathic pain in my right leg and foot. I’ve been in a program for about a year now but can’t find the right strain that will specifically works in my case. Can you please assist? Thank you.

  20. I have Diabetes, and several severe injuries, I work, so drug tests are required & random, do you recommend a oil or smoke it.

  21. Kudos for the Video! Apologies for butting in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you heard the talk about – Taparton Sturdy Nerves Takeover (just google it)? It is a smashing one off guide for Getting rid of Neuropathy without the normal expense. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend Sam after many years got cool success with it.

  22. it is true I was shot in my leg with a 308 by a drunk when I was 19 and after 37 years the doctors helped me but before that I was always sent away when I said the word pain, so I started to smoke weed,, I never got hooked on no pill's and I never drink alcohol..i am a native American,

  23. luckily for me I didn't wait for man to figure this out when I did it I could feel it . Took 11 times. especially for inflammation . I hurt so bad with TMJ and my neck off line I cant lay on my ears they cant take it . I'm a side sleeper , guess what now I'm in sleep dep. 3 hrs a night. But for them to let all those people that waited for our government's permition to do what we know feels almost normal for a few hrs. Kept me alive .i have Ptsd from childhood. Night terrors with it . if I don't use they comeback. I don't rem sleep, said sleep test. I'm still standing with scoliosis and osteoporosis , fibro, rib coming away from the spine if I bend. the pressure pops it out. 5 angularly bulging disks in lower back sacrum locking up trying to fuse. lay in a mri machine with a twisted sacrum . My social anxiety and general, will not let me calm down around people. Secluded now cant take any more . I was conscious and collapsed like a sack of potatos , I had time to figure out how to position myself for a fast landing. scared the … out of me . I looked up what it is seeing neuo doctor now. stress pushed to that braking point I think . That what my chiropractor say the body has a mecanisum , sorry for spelling, never learned. brain wont do it. Since I got hit by that car in 4th grade. started trauma. besides all the abuse.Now 56 without the greens I would have ended it all at 16yrs all. I think of it every day but if I know I can wake and bake before the pain gets a chance to send that first signal of pain. I cant motivate without music and vegan shake , meds and dance just enough to keep up some strength on elliptical. Lugs are clear after 4 yrs of vaping. Don't combust. the toxin are so much more , it will come out the bottom of your feet. when I started vapeing it stopped . So all you kids that think it cool to spark it up think of the toxins you body has to handle. make sure you really need it see you doctor. get on the net. Don't do it dirty like we had to. get it legal if you have had a trauma in your life mental or body. Report abuse to some one don't think you can win alone . you need a support system if you don't and you feeling as alone as I am right now. Call a friend if even you only have 1. Get help before you explode with rage and fear. Sorry so long winded but it bad out there… to some

  24. i got me some cbd oil chapels
    i have never smoke manajuna. now medicine with manajuna. i am taking medicine now.

  25. May I ask? Do you have A vç on Fibromyalgia? And or cvs Cyclic vomiting syndrome? I also need help with these two if you might could point me in the right direction? It’s been going on for a decade! I am taking fentanyl for my pain and I really need to get off of it! It helps me but I feel like it’s killing me from the inside.

  26. I have poly neuropathy and was prescribed Gabapentin. It helps, but like she said doesn't eliminate the pain. Marijuana doesn't get rid of the pain completely, it kind of hits the mute button. It makes the pain much less for me.

  27. does anyone know how to get a marijana card?


  29. So would you talk to your primary care dr about medical mary j or your pain management dr

  30. endocannabinoid, being the internal system that is basically out natural cannabis

  31. Great video content! Sorry for butting in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you tried – Taparton Sturdy Nerves Takeover (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for Getting rid of Neuropathy without the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my buddy at last got cool success with it.

  32. I have MS, and I’m having severe neuropathy in my feet. This is new, as I have never experienced this before. The burning sensations are creeping up my ankles into my legs, and the shooting pains at times make me yelp. I have been using MMJ for about three years with great success, as it suppressed my seizures and fibromyalgia symptoms. I’m currently using topical cream which is a life saver. I call it magic cream. I finally found something to help me sleep which is a liquid edible I put on a small piece of chocolate. I also use a tincture which is amazing. I don’t understand why this pain in my feet and now ankles is not controllable. What say you Dr. Patel?

  33. I have gastric gerd and constipation. The drugs for hers and gastritis cause the constipation and severe joint pain. The gastritis is ongoing and unless I relieve the constipation it would heal… us there anything that can help me without screwing up the gastritis

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