Making CBD oil with isopropyl alcohol part5

Making CBD oil with 99% isopropyl alcohol part5.


  1. It's not cbd , it is RS oil.

  2. Great video thanks, I have a question on the process of separating the THC from the leaves and buds with alcohol…after meshing can I use a small blender to better separate more THC and than cook the alcohol off or just meshing only?

  3. Great videos shorty:)))
    How can I buy some of this from you?
    Also what type of strain did you use? And how much?

  4. Hey 420Shorty ✋ good afternoon from England
    Just finished watching all your oil making videos 1-5, thanks for all your efforts I really enjoyed them. You seem on screen and in your answers to be honest and level headed so l just wanted to ask your opinion on a couple of things. Unfortunately, like the rest of the Internet , there's so much intentional misinformation around and also plenty of well meaning idiots on YouTube !
    So basically I'm wondering if you know anything regarding Alzheimer's and cannabis oil?
    After watching your videos I'm thinking of making some for myself but I only have high thc buds to work with. Do you have any idea if this is a runner at all or will I just be wasting my time?
    All the very best from a grey overcast London !!
    Good hair by the way 🙃

  5. I'm a noob, but how do you know what the cbd percentage of the oil is, safe to assume it is what the cannabis is?

  6. Great video 420 Shorty, going to give it a try this week…. quick question can the oil be add to say a cup of herbal tea. Thanks, Chéers

  7. Is it practical to make it on your own? How long would you say that amount of oil would last you vs how long it takes to come up with the resources to distil for that much CBD yield?

  8. isopropyl is70%.looking at it right now

  9. 420 Shorty, how much of the oil do you take in a day? Do you take it in that form or add a food grade oil to it? How long does it keep for?

  10. How many ml of resins did you make?

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