Making CBD oil with 99% isopropyl alcohol, part3

Making CBD oil with 99% isopropyl alcohol, part3.


  1. My Dad (had) liver cancer. A tumor the size of a grapefruit centrally located in liver. I grew high thc & high cbd strains to use for the RSO..I was very concerned about complete solvent evaporation & fully decarbing not partially decarbing for maximum cb1 receptor uptake..We beat the cancer, shrunk the tumorand it is totally gone. They said he had 2 years to live if he let them insert radiation micro beads in his liver. They saud he woukd be dead in 8 months if he didnt do radiation. Well, they were wrong. Hes cured and still alive 5 years later.

  2. I follow Rick Simpsons process as you have done but, decarboxylation occurs at higher temps than the rice cooker can put out.. You do still need to decarb the oil before you pull it into syringe. It is not ready straight from the ricecooker. It should be put into the oven for an hour at 250f to fully decarboxylate (activate by removing the acid molecule) by heat & duration. With that small amount of oil, to acheive full decaboxylation (not partial) you'll need to at least put into oven for 30 minutes. I tested all my batches while I was learning to produce the oil properly. Also, just to make sure all residual solvent is evaporated..put into oven after the coffee warmer shows no bubbles.. Trust me on this.

  3. That is all you got out of a 1/4 lb. of weed buds? Even growing your own weed seems to be a real waste.

  4. You just made a highly toxin brew
    Using , non stick pan , please educate your self
    Pot must be stainless steel or glass ,only for health
    The heated alcohol only draws more toxins from the coating
    Highly known , cancer causing agent , every mamal who diegest this gets cancerous tumors die in a shorter life span
    Get pure get clean

  5. It takes much longer, but you can use the burner on a coffee machine to burn off the alcohol. Put it in a glass container, set it on the coffee maker burner and it'll burn off overnight. You have to use the kind of coffee maker that doesn't turn off automatically.

  6. There's a reason why he uses different utensils alcohol strips more than just oils nothing should be coming into contact with alcohol spatulas non-stick surfaces gloves Etc if you took the time to break it down before applying the alcohol you wouldn't have to handle it so much during the stripping phase keyword stripping other than that great video

  7. Hi, what is the knife for? I thought I heard you say to keep something down.
    Great series btw, thanks for taking the time to enlighten us👍🏻❤️

  8. u filtered out to much one filter was fine the other coffee filters full of hash that should of been in the rice cooker

  9. Thx is golden and cbd is a red oil..

  10. How many ozs once congealed? How many doese is that.

  11. I wanna make my own CBD oil. Where can I buy hemp material?

  12. the reason your ethanol oil was red is because of the lack of chlorophyl due to the polar nature of natural alcohols versus the non polar nature of iso which extracts all the chlorophyl and lipids from the organic matter. Peace

  13. Hello from Greece, a friendly advise, your "soup" is very green because it's full of chlorophyll, one good natural way to "clean it" is to put the solution in a glass jar (with a tiny vent hole) and leave it in the sun for 1 maybe 2 hours until it gets amber, that's it you are done and ready to evaporate!!!

  14. On a Rice Cooker,.. What is better to use,.. a Non-Stick Finish (do you know,..what does Rick Simpson use?) OR a Regular Finish, That the Oil Will Stick to? (Do you know for healthier Meds?)

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