Making CBD oil with 99% isopropyl alcohol part 1

Making CBD oil with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol instead of Everclear. Part 1.


  1. Sooooo much of talking… Get to the point.. Zzzzzzz

  2. Iso alcohol is derived from petroleum. Please look that up. You go through all the trouble to clean the area but use poisonous solvent. If it were safe homeless would drink it. Making medicine from poison is counter intuitive of what your trying to accomplish. Rick also used denatured alcohol in his old videos which was also poison and has wood alcohol added to prevent ppl from drinking it. Grain alcohol is inexpensive and safe. Also freeze the alcohol and cannabis to do initial extraction. Get less chlorophyll and better flavor. Good luck and good health.

  3. Just go buy whole plant full spectrum cbd. Ananda hemp is the best and is approved by the dea. Its truly an amazing product. They use a full spectrum c02 extraction process which is the best and cleanest process for making cbd.
    Ecofiber – Ananda hemp sister company has researched hemp for over 20 years and now has patent on strain they developed which has the most complete cbd profile in the industry. Information is available.

  4. So the wooden spoon was to prevent harmless toxins entering the mixture? Then you dunk your glove in there… Nice lady though.

  5. would this work if I where to use 70% Isopropal Alcohol, I did this and the oil is green not balck, I have made this with Benzene and came out black

  6. Hi, I'm new to this so I'm shooting some questions and I hope I can get some advise. 1) which strains r best for making high cbd with low thc? 2) will the final product still contain thc? By the way…love your hair 😛

  7. You did it, thank you! I've been making CBD oil for a couple of years. I use MCT Coconut. I also make it with Everclear. I didnot like the taste either. I've watch a few RSO video. yours is long but very good & really help me. Thank you, again! I've watched all 5. Namaste.

  8. Can someone point me to the latest Rick Simpson CBD video?

  9. New to all this. Do you still have to dry and cure? It would make sense that those steps could be skipped as long as the buds are cut small enough

  10. Isopropyl alcohol is poisoned so people can't drink it. It's cheap because there is no sin tax for personal consumption (IT'S POISONED). 200 proof organic alcohol costs more, removes less waxes and other unwanted plant products because it contains no water, and if you use a water distiller, you can recover the alcohol and use it over and over (although each use pulls more water out of the air and so becomes less pure with each use), and the residue (small amount is left behind in the final product by ANY solvent) is edible and will not cause damage to the person you're trying to help/cure. Also, there is not enough residue left if done properly to even feel let alone get drunk on……iso or organic! You've almost got it, but please, PLEASE don't tell people to use a poisoned solvent just because it's CHEAP. Also, freeze the bud, bowl, alcohol, and stirrer 24 hours ahead of time and do two 3 minute washes to extract about 90% cannabinoid and 10% unwanted plant wax and chlorophyl.
    Heat THC oil to 245deg F until movement at surface stops to activate (decarboxylate) THC after all alcohol is removed
    *** What I don't know is…… you need to heat CBD oil to activate (decarboxylate) it, and if so, how high for how long? Or are you done after removing the alcohol (solvent)? ***

    I'm a 3 year survivor of cancer. I was given 2 months to live and was cancer free 6 months later treating myself with homemade THC oil (one gram 90% THC oil/day).
    I'm now a cannabis caregiver and need to learn to make CBD oil for ill pets and people who can't or don't want to feel high.
    Health, Love and Peace to you all.

  11. Okay are u doing rso or CBS oil from low thc high cod strain??

  12. Everclear is sugar you numbnut. Of course it's not gonna work… She's nuts. This is not CBD. This is extract. Buds have the highest THC Content. That's not medicinal. It's recreational. Dodo.

  13. Youre stupid ! The solvent cannot be tasted ! The process burns all the solvent off hence the fan to blow the vapours away youre trying to hijack Rick Simpson videos youre stupid go die your hair red show people where you are so they can avoid you p.s. i think you waffle

  14. Good points! When stirring up the weed in the alcohol, use a potato masher! I am making my own alcohol with distiller's yeast, sugar and water. The sugar will turn into alcohol then I am going to soak my poppies in that for quite a few months.

  15. She’s a trump voter u can tell

  16. Completely unrelated, but I just realized that in nature, there’s something called Aposematism. It’s the phenomena of animals evolving bright colors to warn off predators. What I realized is this should be applied to humans because I’ve never met anyone with brightly colored hair who wasn’t also a batshit insane ball of neuroticism and mental disorders.

  17. No Way, isopropyl alcohol is poisonous and may contain Heavy Metals, use Grain Alcohol only if you plan to take your CBD oil Internally or Smoke it

  18. Pretty common process but I would like to add that just because you get a 1:1 or high cbd strain doesn't mean that you just grow it like you would any other plant and harvest. With CBD there is a specific time to harvest so that you are getting actual CBD. There is a certain time in the plants life cycle when the CBD is at its peak and that's when it should be harvested. I would suggest freezing the bud for at least 24 to 36 hours as well as your solvent. If you go to Utah biodiesel you can buy stainless micron mesh to filter your solution and it works much better and quicker.

  19. You need a buettner funnel to strain

  20. Can’t you use a stick mixer

  21. I just wanna see people make it, im outta here. I'm dyslexic and most people are if they live in American and drink fluoride water and eat gmo food. I can't watch people go on and on and on and on .

  22. time stamp. gets down to business at 5:30

  23. I can't stand ignorant Fucking people who talk silly shit, educate yourselves goddamnit !

  24. I loved you in terminator 2 miss connor 😉 jokes aside u did a great vid I would love a jar of bud like that nom nom

  25. Can you add the alcohol then use a blender real quick instead of chopping and mixing by hand?

  26. Oh forgot to say I will be making a wine with the rest of the plant and Elderberry's.

  27. Comments welcome. I am half way through a grow of DINAMED CBD 14%CBD-1%THC. (other plants as well). When buds are ready Ill put them through shake bags with dry ice. The hash goes into coconut oil in a heat proof beaker. Place into oil in deep fat fryer. Bring upto temp to decarboxilate. CBD/coconut oil. Also just hot knife the hash.

  28. You're not making cbd oil…who told you that was cbd oil??

    You're making rso,which is not cbd oil.

    What even Rick Simpson does is nothing but quick wash isopropyl oil,not,cbd oil.

    You can cut out 80% of the process by not heating it.
    You can decarboxylate in the stove for 20 minutes at around 120, then just put the bud in jars,shake thirty seconds,strain, dry,,dab it or syringe it before it dries,which does take a few hours….

    But,this isn't "cbd" oil…
    It's Rick Simpson oil…
    Which is an over convoluted process.

  29. Isopropyl alcohol is not made for you to injest. 250 ml of isopropyl alcohol can be fatal when consumed. External use only

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