Making Cannabis Oil with Rick Simpson

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  1. I live in a state that has had legal cannabis for a year now. I have suffered from atopic dermatitis (extremely bad eczema) doctors gave up on me. Wanted me to go to Harvard Medical school and be a experiment. I am on my 3rd day using it and I am amazed. My sores are almost completely healed. Stops the pain, oozing and discomfort as well. Angers me that my whole life big pharma had been posining me and not even helping. God bless this man and this plant.

  2. Benzene causes cancer though!

  3. You think a cancer patien in the 4. stage can be healed??

  4. Hold on here. Remember when deep frying turkeys caused a rash of houses burning down. Just Saying.

  5. Rick's so real and Cool. I love the dude

  6. when will you be running for president of the world? you got my vote.

  7. Has Rick Simpson been on Joe rogan

  8. Can someone tell me where I can buy this syringed and ready to use please x

  9. Dont touch solvents. please. take advice from an chemist.
    Also if you use a destille, you can REUSE the solvents. #saveNATURE #lessCHEMICALS

  10. I'm stuck out in the middle of nowhere in Mexico I have an incurable illness I would give my all to get hold of some of this but i can't afford to pay to have it sent to me 🙁

  11. Does anywhere in holland or the USA actually sell cannabis oil that is over 50% cbd???

  12. Anyone with experience can tell me where to find indica seed or buds to make this oil please?

  13. Turpentine is also a plant based solvent. Can it be used for this purpose?

  14. They use alcohol for extraction purposes on every plant based material. So it's in your shampoo, purfumes, even essential oils ect….ect.

  15. This is all 100% true! I’ve seen it in many cancer patients & even saved my life. Made this the best way my friend knew how (own farm in beautiful North CA area weather & best indica strains used) I had CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) & it was so severe -the pain… I’m 5’9 & then only weighed 100 lbs Bc of how much pain I was in & it is also autoimmune aspects to it so I had horrible GI track (was diagnosed w/ IBS) and was on insane amounts of meds to keep me alive while my body was shutting down from the pain & horrible meds I was on.
    My buddy made RSO & said let’s try it!
    I had seizures not too often at all but one seizure gave me a large concussion… also was a Professional horse Trainer & had way too many minor concussions already. Long story short it cleared it all up & when my heart rate was so low I had passed out & woke up in ER after 3 attempts to get the ticker beating again.
    I went into a remission after… but if it was not for having/ingesting & made salve for pain areas (it was made from top grade too & w/ love) I’m alive Bc of it.
    I do have CRPS again after another accident (CRPS is mostly triggered by “crush” type accidents, is “incurable” as of 2018 & it only goes into “remission” for months or years but comes back at risk of any injury to body. (Autonomic nervous system involved) Its a fight vs flight type of reaction that is 24/7 in the body / gets “activated” & scrambled up the Neuro transmission of “PAIN” when even after injury is 100% healed or was slight injury the pain is on a constant loop, “stuck” . This leads to many issues in the body such as extreme exhaustion of all nutrients, minerals, & puts a mass amount of stress on all organs as the body is in a 24/7 state of hyper awareness/sensitivity “fight vs flight” thus causes the sensation of pain to be much higher than “normal” for type of injury. Body ceases to heal properly & anorexia happens to many bc the pain is so high the loss of appetite becomes extreme or
    other way around but left untreated does cause anorexia (unwanted). Heart problems & all issues from nutrient deficiency & add the extra nutrient deficiency from the stress level of extreme chronic pain laves the body at risk of major complications.
    Swelling never goes away or appears if no swelling from injury
    Extreme cold temp in extremities esp in area of CRPS
    These can become extreme to the point of needing amputation due to loss of circulation.
    Sweating happens of the whole body even if feeling cold or very hot but cannot sweat.
    It helps allot to eat a healthy & personalized Pain Diet (fine what foods causes excess inflammation /allergy & cease eating them, etc…) but still many need IV’s weekly of Vit B (all B’s), & amino acids along w/ gut health supplementation.
    U can tell how many medications can be rx’d for all of these conditions… unfortunately one does need to get a hold of the pain levels & find a Med or therapy that brings that extreme 24/7 unbarable, burning “on fire” pain way down to point one can start walking or moving again (out of bed & PT… Aqua PT is highly useful)
    I was doing that & still could not eat or think or make a full work day w/o pain that brought me back to the bed.
    Went on high dose right away as I was in danger zone. Yes very sleepy & our like a light.
    No more sleep meds
    Helped huge w/ anxiety!!!
    Depression, & PTSD… were getting much much better & steady progressively not a spike.
    Did back off high dose after 2 weeks & went to what ever my dose was that got me out of bed..
    More meds gone!
    After almost a year w/ RSO in my system I was surfing by the next summer!!! (B4 my foot would turn purple in cold water- cold = high spike in pain… yes more pain)
    The seizures=
    I had about 6 in 2.5 years. I started he RSO & not ONE since day 1 of RSO!!!
    But, when I was going through a major Med change it caused me to loose 27 lbs over a month. My body was dying & shaking uncontrollably & put me into a seizure
    The RSO stopped it again & I upped the dose or took an extra dose when I felt my body was going to start up again.
    The Drs at the ER still have no reason why I survived except for the RSO in my system.
    After- I noticed I don’t hurt…I had gone from 10+++.. pain to a 3!! Then to a 2!!
    I was able to eat finally & the RSO had already cleared up all my IBS close to 2 months in… i our on muscle & got back to Horses
    Other thing that is AWESOME about RSO is the TOPICAL SALVE I made.
    It KICKED PAINS BUTT! ? I had tried so many medicated creams & patches & surgeries w/ wires in my back & nerve blocks/ ablations/ epidurals.. nothing worked like RSO salve! My friends w/ Fibro loved it & MS too…
    I saw end of life cancer he came back & the RSO helped him get to Stage 2!!
    From terminal stage 4 to Stage 2!
    Skin cancer… wow!! Would disappear!!
    My horse co Trainers loved it & the sunscreen we used was RSO salve & no 1 was burning who was using it. My mom burned her hand on the stove to where it blistered… all healed, stopped the pain & burning feeling after.. to this day you can’t see a thing from that nasty burn!
    My father had psoriasis… for 47 yrs!! Gone!
    Breast cancer… three women are in full remission.
    Brain cancer… she’s still alive & not one more showed up in past 10 years!
    Veterans… omg! It helps!!!! It works!!
    RSO saves lives 100%!
    Try it- you have nothing to loose only a gain… your life will come back!
    I’m starting up again.. it’s very hard for me to not grow my own & know exactly how I grew it & treated them & time I spent on them (plants/flower). But I’m going to try… have two friends who I trust so I’m giving it a go.
    Thank You Rick! Right on man!

  16. Literally burnt my entire kitchen. So lucky im not blind. I also followed the instructions well. I used an aluminium rice cooker so not sure if thats why it exploded in my face. Just counting my blessings im not blind. Also rest in peace the 70grams of bud I used.

  17. I make caramels with this in the ingredients.
    Phenominal results.

  18. Please answer, Does this oil work for opiods addiction.PLEASE…….

  19. I'm curious what substance he has found that would replace solvents…..

  20. Why would you not just eat the buds instead of the oil.

  21. Great video!
    Oct 17 Canada goes Cannabis friendly . I wish Rick Simpson comes back to Nova Scotia to push all he research to more people.
    I think he is having a ball in Croatia last time I looked. Everyone should have a bottle of RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) in there medical cabinet!

  22. I’ve done exactly what you’ve done but my oils went really hard in the syringe and I’ve had to warm it up to get it out is that normal?

  23. Bless the Lord for putting cannabis plants on this planet,and God bless Rick for making the oil and sharing it to the world,a friend of mine got diagnosed with terminal cancer a week ago and sometime this week we gonna start putting that thc paste into his mouth every day,i live in Amsterdam so its easy to get over here…………

  24. You can buy the cannabis oil in Ireland now, but the thc is only 10%… But my Dad got it for his bird cause she's a hot mess, and she says it's already making a lot of stuff better after 2 days…, I hope we get upto even 50% THC in the shops in the next few yrs.

  25. The man I love my Rick Simpson oil RSO

  26. Thank u my man cured my epilepsy and I get to be stoned. All the time win win nice side effects

  27. STOP cancer patients from accepting chemo and go on a alkaline food diet and cannabis oil 🙂 godspeed

  28. I have polyps inside my maxalliry cavities and have been suffering for years. Now I am not terminal but everytime I lay down or lean forward I have an incredible amount of pressure and can not breathe or smell. I have a printed picture from the ct scan and one of the growths is as big as my thumb tip and I have two more on the other side. This really affects my sleeping which is already pleagued with other issues. At the dispensers they have Rso. Is there a difference between the green stuff and the more refined Amber liquid??

  29. Hi Im looking for CBD oil produced by Indica needs to be strong as the tumour is growing rapidly. if you can help or point me in the right direction this would be appreciated. Might not have enough time to grow it and wait..

  30. you can also put it into a blender, instead of doing it by hand.He also lost weight with it.

  31. What is the shelve life of the oil?

  32. Thank you so much for this. Its really work. It's such a amazing video with great information. I would love to share this video at

  33. I just looked up benzene, it is listed as a carcinogen, leads to bone marrow failure, Leukemia and heart failure and more. Do not use Benzene!

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