Lower A1C with CBD? (Lower blood sugar by using CBD oil?)

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  1. if been taking koi cbd 250mg one dropper full under the tongue and then I vape one. I used to just use half under tongue. I have seen no results. idk if the brand isn't good. I'm taking too much or too little. But no matter what amount I take my sugar says high.

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  3. take this pill you well lose 35 pounds but you got to do alot of excrize eat veggs

  4. whats is diet with it he was eating pizzi its the excrize doing it

  5. it's for people with nothing wrong with them to sell it

  6. Where Can I buy it in Los Angeles California? Please help.

  7. Here in the Santa Fe NM region, the cannabis stores don't use MD doctors; they have state-weed-certified physicians assistants registered nurses.

    Q: These PA RN's prolly know their medicinal cannabis knowledge better than the typical MD doctor, right? Because realistically, there should be no true MDs who know or would recommend strains of medicinal weed to their patients because their medical board could revoke their medical license, right?
    The MDs must try to keep patients on pharmaceutical prescription drugs and not whole plants like CBD-dominant weed or eeting kale & broccoli.

    Realistically, we're NOT going to be able to find a TRUE board-certified MD doctor who can recommend weed. It is against their modus operandi. Right?

  8. I dont know if I am crazy or my meter went wack, I started yesterday with 6 drops of good CBD oil at 1:00 pm ( when I got it ) I checked my sugar at four and it was 103 ( eating very well I might add ) then I went out to dinner and didnt eat so well and took 3 drops two hours before bedtime and slept like a rock, got up and just took two drops cause six made me sleepy yesterday and just tested my sugar and it is 92, I might add that I haven't stop taking my meds so I will monitor from now on. maybe it helps someone with Info, and share some feedback please.

  9. Also check out High Voltage vaperz.com they also sell cbd oil and are very reputable!! 👍👍 check them out!

  10. Hi
    I just started Koi CBD oil and am also type 2 diabetic. Im wondering how many days did he use it before he took the A1C blood test? I need to take the A1C test soon so should I take a week or 2???

  11. I would love to get off my Diabetes meds I take 3 different pills. could this work for me ?

  12. How do I find a board certified physician who uses canabis in their practice?

  13. I dont see the link for the book you mentioned?? Thanks for the video.

  14. Thanks! I got the book from Amazon and gave a starred rating.

  15. CBD professor you are AWESOME. everything you described about Danny Magic I have.  I'm  getting the book and look forward to starting on CBD.

  16. wondering why you don't mention type 1???

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