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Liquid Tree CBD Oil, conjointly named as Cannabinol Isolate, maybe a flavourer supplement that contains CBD or cannabidiol. It’s extracted from hemp …


  1. Total scam. They don't tell you that you will be subscribed to a monthly $87 fee and then they change their addresses and phone numbers every week. They billed me $90+ dollars TWICE within a 12 day period before I even realized it was a subscription (which was never mentioned in the literature). When my bank called, I thought it was fraud from an ATM machine, and cancelled my card but since it ended up NOT being fraud PERSE, (I ordered, they delivered) I'm left on the hook for nearly $200. I called a number (FINALLY one worked) and offered to return the UNopened product for a refund and they refused. Totally shady. Total scam. And I'm throwing out the $200 worth of CBD oil because it's probably toxic. I hope someone sues them into last year.

  2. Bought both CBD oil and CBD sleep aid.  Neither made a difference in my life. I didn't receive it on the day they said, so I called, luckily, I found out from the customer service person that I had one more week on the trial to discontinue the monthly shipments and PAYMENTS!  I had scoured over the advertisement and found nothing about a monthly recurring shipment and auto payment, I wouldn't have done it, it's always a scam.  So as expected, the day and night drops were ineffective.  I called to cancel, I spoke to an off site customer service that handles probably thousands of web companies, but they were very nice and just canceled the product, though he did offer a 35% discount if I didn't cancel.
    Also, I asked him about the payments, there were three, he told me one was the shipping insurance, again, not in the advertisement or invoice.
    Unfortunately, once again, I am disappointed at web advertising.  I think this is the last straw!  Do not buy this product.

  3. does this show up on a urine test for por???

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