Check out Green Roads here: https://welcome.greenroadsworld.com/CBDoiIs Once again I want to reiterate that I am not a doctor, just someone sharing my …


  1. Once again I want to reiterate that I am not a doctor, just someone sharing my experience and what worked for me. This isn't a permanent fix by any means, but definitely something I recommend if you're interested in trying it out to see how it could potentially benefit you. i love you 🙂

  2. Can you make a video covering the Shannon Watts case in Colorado!

  3. I love you so much. I know you don’t even really know me, but I will always be here for you!

  4. I also have anxiety and it is terrible I get freaked out over test and I have been diagnosed it as a diss order

  5. i use music listen to my ipod i calm down have music for all my moods and good for you sav

  6. I hope none of your anxiety is about who you because you seam to be a realy cool person.

  7. theres no living without savs vids thanks girl

  8. I don't personally use CBD, although my best friend/housemate suffers from fibromyalgia and has been using CBD oil for the past few months. It's helped her sleep much more regularly and has helped the pain and stiffness her body experiences with the condition. Can't recommend it more, the change is so noticeable.

  9. with the gummies can anyone take them? or is it like meant for anxiety? just wondering because sometimes when i have a panic attack or a breakdown (mental or emotional) i find it hard to relax after.

  10. So weird. I used to have Epilepsy and I took lamictal to try to control my seizures. I also have major anxiety but the Lamictal didn't help me with my anxiety at all. I am on Celexa now for anxiety because I no longer have Epilepsy so I stopped the Lamictal almost 5 years ago. I go to the doctor tomorrow to get refills on my Celexa because I ran out and now I can't sleep because I'm so nervous about going to the doctor and every noise in my house is making me so nervous that I'm shaking right now. And my new semester of college started today which doesn't help any because I'm already stressed about my classes. I'm glad you found something that helped you. Thank you for talking about anxiety and getting the word out to other people that may have it or know someone that has it.

  11. Thanks so much I’m relatively kinda new to your channel and had no idea you suffer from anxiety , it’s the worst . I will try this out as I’m also not a big fan of weed . Thanks .

  12. First video I’ve watched from you and I’m in love. You are so open and caring and I can see that in this video

  13. I have really bad anxiety since I started secondary school and I went to therapy and I’m starting to get so much better ?I support u and all your videos about anxiety and everything else I hope u get better ❤️

  14. I have bad anxiety and attacks, Im on half a pill a day of an anxiety medication but I vape CBD. It saves me from bad attacks and I havnt reached for Clonazapam in months !

  15. There’s a lot of murder cases in Vermont you should please please do those

  16. For great low prices on all your CBD needs go to cbdthings.myctfocbd.com everything from health products to pet products.

  17. Have you ever tried CBT therapy for your anxiety or anything if so what are your views on it?

  18. My problem with weed is the smell and the fact that it gives me vertigo. Does CBD oil or gummies taste okay?

  19. I was always someone who didn’t want to medicate myself and I tried to fight my anxiety on my own for YEARS & finally I gave in and I realized I really needed help. I am on a prescribed medicine that I take daily and it has made a huge difference in my general mood and ability to calm down.

  20. I have never heard of Lamotragine (lamictal) being used for anxiety. As far as I have read and been told, it is typically used for epilepsy and bi polar disorder. I take it for epilepsy and I have suuuch bad anxiety as well as social anxiety and it has done nothing for that. Sorry you had such a bad experience with it.

    I have tried a few different CBD products and have had little to no effects but some are better than others. My fiancé smokes and it does wonders for his anxiety and other medical difficulties he has. I myself haateee the feel it gives me. Rather then taking away, it seems to make my anxiety soooo much worse will definitely look into those gummies. Thanks!

  21. Please do a story on The Jamison Family and the Beaumont children. Absolutely love your stories x

  22. hi!! I'm not sure if I can request a case for you to talk about, but I absolutely love your videos about unsolved cases, and I have one that is very close to me, and it would mean the world if you covered it! it's the 1990 Paige Renkoski unsolved disappearance, in Michigan. thank you ❤️

  23. Please do something on the dee dee and gypsy Blanchard case

  24. I've been binge watching your serial killer series and missing person cases videos literally all day and there's a case that I would LOVE for u to cover!! There's a girl named Sheriya Grant who went missing from Kilgore TX back in August (or around then) of 2016. She was 8 months pregnant at the time and the case is still not solved. It's an interesting and extremely heartbreaking story! It happened right beside my hometown too. There's another case that actually happened in my hometown (Bullard, TX) about a 10 y/o girl named Kayla. She was abducted from a church by her uncle and her remains were found in a water well a couple of days later. Both are super interesting and it'd be really cool if you did a video on them 🙂 please never stop making those types of videos!!

  25. Am i the only one who can‘t open the website?

  26. I needed this thank you so much always coming through ilyy❤

  27. I LUV CBD!!!…I’ve been using it over a yr & have had a VERY similar reaction 2 u…I was on Ambien, Ativan, Neurontin & Percocet & have been off them ALL w/amazing results!!!

  28. Tapping and EFT (emotional freedom technique) worked well for my ocd.

  29. Just bought the gummies and i'm so excited to try them for my GAD/Panic Disorder/OCD Thanks for this video!

  30. cbd has seriously helped me with my anxiety and tourette's syndrome. I use this exact same brand, green roads. I use the gummies as well and it really really has helped me. I am so glad you're talking about this on your channel, anxiety is so important to talk about and cbd has helped so many people.

  31. I bought the capsules from. Green roads

  32. i am battling my anxiety to! it sucks and best of luck savannah

  33. Thank you for sharing this 🙂 I've been suffering really bad from health anxiety and all kinds of stuff for almost a year, but I think i've had anxiety for years and just didn't know it. I tried Prozac for like 3 weeks and like you it made me a different person and I hated it, and of course with health anxiety all I could fixate on is the side effects. But I really want to try CBD oil so I just might buy this 🙂

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