Koi cbd oil anxiety relief

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  1. I was looking around for a brand to try for the first time, this one looks good… I have bipolar 1, general anxiety and psychosis. I'm on so many meds its ridiculous. I'm not going to stop taking them all, but I want to see what cbd does in conjunction with my handfuls of meds and maybe I can convince my psychiatrist to taper me off some (probably not likely). I wonder if it's acceptable to tell your psychiatrist you're taking cbd oil? I have a nice vaping system cause I used to vape, but I think I'm going to take it sublingual it seems easier that way 🙂 Thanks for the video

  2. I have bad social anxiety and I'm looking to buy this. Is it full spectrum CBD oil or isolate. Does it ship to Canada. Thanks

  3. one of the best videos by far!!!!

  4. Does your regular vape juice have nicotine in it? You can add the CBD to the regular nicotine vape juice?

  5. Loved your vidio. How many ml do you vape threw the day?

  6. great review was it 1000mg per drop or per bottle?

  7. Thank you for sharing your review, I was going to try this brand but started off with a cheaper one, the one I got has also helped my anxiety immensely! My anxiety has gotten worse the past few years and I also have ptsd, I definitely want to try the koi brand, the one I got doesn’t have the greatest flavor but I mix it with zero or low nicotine vape juice! Isn’t it so awesome to have something natural and non addictive that really helps the anxiety go away! Really a blessing! I felt better after the first time I tried it!

  8. Thanks for sharing. I have that same shirt btw.

  9. Great review. I just started using this product today. How much do you cut into say a 30ml bottle?

  10. Just ordered some of this. Decided to go for the flavourless as have been taking hemp flavours and dont like it anymore. CBD definitely has the chill out effect of weed but you still feel the same. Its helped my chronic pain and has sorted out tendonitis when nothing else has worked.

  11. I got another brand of 1000mg cbd oil too. Do u find it stronger when u take sublingually or vape?

  12. Dude you say that you're not the best at making these videos, but most others I see are filled with quick cuts and a lot of unnecessary editing etc. This was solid.
    Great to hear that you're anxiety has died down with CBD, I've had the same experience thus far. It's working nicely for me and would recommend it to almost anyone.

    Thanks for putting this out there. Peace!

  13. Why is this age restricted lol

  14. Awesome video I've dealt with really bad anxiety and ptsd from a prior incident as well so I know how you feel. I've ordered myself some Koi after doing my own research as well and I definetly agree with you on going with a higher concentrate I started small becuase I wasn't sure if I'd like it or do anything for me but let me just say it's like being high without the high you can actually breathe it's amazing!

  15. I’m using Oxzgen’s CBD starting the 1000mg one of the least expensive I must say. Plus no THC. I don’t vape it though https://oxzgen.com/l770626 . This is my personal affiliate link too.

  16. Great honest review thanks

  17. good luck man, stay off the pharmaceuticals!…i took CBD for like 3 months, once i stopped i started waking up in the middle of the night again and i notice the anxiety coming back to where im constantly rubbing face and feel like my heart is racing, i need to get another bottle….the booze problem i have probably isn't helping tho. What was your technique on qutting drinking?

  18. I am currently trying the 500mg . I had a really bad panic attack smoking a high cbd strain flower. So when i vape the oil i start tripping out and think i am gonna have a panic, but know that you mention it. Its actually just a head change. Its great for relaxing you feel your body sp relax

  19. I'm a vapor too. How much do you put in your tank? I mean you mix it with your ejuice don't ya? Or do u vape just the Koi? And do u put it in every time you fill your tank? How long did it take before u noticed any difference?

  20. I have insomnia epilepsy and serve anxiety and ocd and adhd and I started with 250 mg a few days ago

  21. Do you have to vape it, can it be placed under the tongue?

  22. Thanks man, you have helped me make the decision to try this product for my anxiety. Great video

  23. Great video, How much do you vape CBD to keep your anxiety in control?

  24. I just got the KOI 250, what is "Vape Juice" That you mix it with?

  25. Just wanted to say that after watching your video, I bought Koi and am loving it. Thank you for your review!

  26. Great video, how long would the 30ml bottle last on average?

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