Joey Diaz convinced his wife to try CBD oil – The Church Of What’s Happening Now

Joey Diaz talks with Mickey Gall and Lee Syatt about his love for CBD oil, and how happy he is that his wife is using it now.


  1. it's just a sleeping oil. Never found any benefit from it. No pain relief, no anti headache, no stress. Just a way to sleep

  2. Its like watching a stoned version of The Sopranos sometimes lol

  3. Bearing deleted for advertising cbd. youtube nazis at work.

  4. I've been trying CBD hemp flower, it's 0%thc and it helps a lot with my anxiety and depression.Just pack it in a bowl or roll it up and boom, anxiety relief within a few minutes.

  5. I use CBD, gotta go no THC cuz of work drug testing. I do sublingual for digestion, anxiety, sleep and an over all sense of well being. It is a godsend 🙏

  6. Lmao he has no idea how weed works cbd can make u feel great and sleep well without thc in it

  7. Joey spiking his wife lol

  8. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil online? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  9. Always making me laugh, Thanks brother for all your hard work!

  10. I been meaning to try CBD can't seem to know anyone who has it gotta find a dispensary

  11. I want a Joey Diaz brand CBD oil!!!

  12. my wife and I love CBD, cheers!

  13. I gave my wife the oil and she slept for 15 hours lol. in three months she will look and act like him.

  14. joey's an idiot. only an idiot would give his lady dope without her knowledge. he's so full of shit.

  15. CUSTOM CBD VAPE JUICE. It works….TRUST ME LOL !!!!! Message for sample or purchse.

  16. Mickey Gall vs Al Iaquinta is the fight.

  17. It's SOOOO fucked all this shit is not available in Australia. Godamn motherfuckin NANNY STATE!!

  18. just take the label off, put it in your shaving kit, and say its shaving oil, boom

  19. it took the pain awayyyyy but boyyyy I slept 13 hours ha haaaaaaa

  20. What type of CBD Oil does he use?

  21. hey Joey, maybe dont mention how you send CBD with THC through the mail to your relatives.

  22. "what do u mean u didn't make it 2 the podcast?" -Lee lmfao

  23. Dick Syatt is a boss. That is all.

  24. "if they look in there…i hope there mothers burn in hell" LOL

  25. CBD nulls the effects of THC so whenever you take that shit joey or lee, you're dampening down that high. Its good if thats what you want, but not when youre trying to go DEEP

  26. you take shots to the head, you say?

  27. CBD cures cancer 🤺🏋🏽

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