Joe Rogan on CBD Oil and Anti Marijuana Propaganda

Joe Rogan talks about the health benefits of CBD oil and anti marijuana propaganda. Taken from JRE #900 Full episode …


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  2. Joe Rogan is a national treasure – thanks for addressing this

  3. Three full time jobs? How the hell does he have time to sit here and talk? I call bs on the 3 jobs. Maybe 2 but no way 3.

  4. Good old Murica…Glad we are finally legalizing up North.

  5. If you do it, do it well with CO2 Extracted Full Spectrum CBD Oil 3000mg (30%)

  6. How do you work 3 full time jobs? Slow down kid your making us look European

  7. 3 full time jobs? 120 hours a week?

  8. And that propaganda is still believed today by the hard of thinking

  9. which cbd oil does joe use?

  10. Too bad cbd is so crazy expensive. Especially when compared to Rx and other otc meds.

  11. Who is his quest and what’s his story?

  12. industrial hemp will disrupt every thing when farmers are allowed to grow it in the us!

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  15. Mona lisa was not painted on Hemp Rogan, ya douche! Does he get any of his long ass history lessons right?

  16. The Declaration of Independence was written on sheep skin not hemp paper

  17. Fantastic show!! Thanks Joe for talking about this incredible natural cure!! It’s changed my life!

  18. Just bought a couple of bottles in Sandy, Utah 🙂 feeling great.

  19. Who’s the guy talking to Rogan ?

  20. I have had sleep issues,anxiety and other issues since going to desert storm , its been a living hell .oh man this stuff works!!! I can finally rest!!

  21. It's interesting that with the ascendance of Facebook, YouTube, and other outlets (tradtionals included) that we never learned from the story of Citizen Kane – you can't let one person control everything, esp how the news are distributed.

  22. Not enough studies done? Have you been living under a rock?

  23. whats the best strain for high cbd and high thc?

  24. I came off of 4 injections and herniated discs galore, Advil constantly, gabapentin. Now, the cbd cream is very effective for me from

  25. CBD was life changing for me. I bore with the details, but essentially it wound my body and attitude back about 20 years (I’m 44 now) and really it changed how my whole body felt. I highly recommend it and it is worth the cost, but make sure to buy it from a reputable supplier with lab results.


  27. I found an amazing site for CBD oils and other CBD products. They are hemp based CBD products legal in all 50 states. When you place your order if you use the code CBD 20 percent off order

  28. I just ordered a bottle of Koi Red. Hoping for the best.

  29. This CBD is the shit. Fixes everything. My dick even grew 3 inches since I started takin it. Fuck big Pharma. Criminal bastards needa be shot.

  30. I struggle with social anxiety disorder on a moderate level and I've been considering buying some CBD products. So far I've been vaping this CBD e-juice before going to work and I feel much more functional and sociable. I am still trying to find the highest quality CBD on the internet though.

  31. I have depression and anxiety and my doctor wanted to put me up for xanax and I don't want to get addicted or deal with the severe side effects. Then I got cbd because thc makes me paranoid. And omg I wish doctors would recommend this to so many ppl that absolutely need it. It saved my life.

  32. Hey guys where can I buy CBD legally in US? Please upvote that someone could see my message and reply…

  33. when your always as low as I am, cbd does get you high. but only because life can't cut it on its own. despite all my effort

  34. it only takes one rich asshole to ruin everything for decades, even centuries.

  35. I work at a job that does drug testing, would using this oil give me a positive result on the drug test?

  36. Mona Lisa was painted on poplar panel not canvas. Nevertheless, etymology of "canvas" is "made of hemp" and is fucking mind-blowing

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