Joe Rogan – Kanye West, CBD Oil, Adderall, Insane nurse injects Hep C

Joe Rogan talks about Kanye West, CBD Oil, Adderall, and an insane nurse injects Hep C into her patients. For the entire Joe Rogan …


  1. The issues with keeping CBD as a controlled substance didn’t work. There are still a ton of loopholes that make it so it is still legal everywhere in the US. It’s readily available even in Alabama because it is just being more highly regulated instead of actually being controlled. So, it may not be a bad thing; it does hold companies that produce the CBD products accountable to certain standards of quality control.

  2. Soon, this channel will upload a Joe Rogan video that's an hour and thirty five minutes long. What will it consist of, you ask?

    >5 minutes of the Joe Rogan Experience.
    >The other 90 minutes will be Wolfsuka's full album in it's entirety.

    Yay. I can't wait.

  3. Cocoa leaves are the same as Coke they just break it down and turned it into powder to make it sellable

  4. the entire beer industry is buying up pot farms like crazy right now, they know something that average joe does not. Hops have cbd in them, guess that means beer should be schedule1.

  5. Hes 150,00 years old.. Haha im fuckin dead!!!

  6. I am a certified massage therapist and I massage with cbd and thc. It is amazing and my clients love it.

  7. Joe 'snort up her snout ' Rogan

  8. There’s a CBD oil place right next to my work and I live in Kansas so maybe that law changed

  9. Woah different song at the end, I'm so used to the other one

  10. Joe "Maybe that was a shitty article "Rogan!

  11. I have a ton of family and friends who are doctors/nurses/first responders/cops…. they’ll all alcoholics and drug uses but they are functional. A lot of them end up using because of the demands of the long hours plus easy access to prohibited substances. This isn’t an isolated incident. I remember been in hospital receiving pain medicine that was supposed to be morphine and felt very little relief and thinking that bitch nurse took my shot and instead gave me Panadol

  12. CBD has tons of benefits, everyone should look into this stuff fr…
    Here's a good page to explain it simple af –

  13. I need to get a good CBD oil or lotion for my mother what brand do you use I got the sample packs that don't seem to be working I ordered them online

  14. Nurse likely taking the fall for a Hospital or Gov. Study conspiracy? Doctors know, they just lie

  15. They popped Willie on his bus in Louisiana too for shrooms and pot but it got dropped because someone else on the bus claimed it and took the charge.

  16. Cocaine hydrochloride is still used in many eye,nose, and throat surgeries. Dental surgeries as well. It's GOOD!

  17. Joe "Oh, well I musta read it differently" Rogan.

  18. 😂😂😂 these guys are still in denial about Kanye West… Yea he's on meds, he's had lipo, no people he just likes Trump and understands the regressive left would love to keep making shit up about Trump and keep the black community down……not gonna work though.

  19. Oh, this horrible watered down sonic youth music at the end of every video. IS THIS JAMIE'S BAND? I can hear that voice in the mix. A horrible version of the Great band 'Seely'…

  20. Wheres the original annoying song? This one sucks.

  21. Coke they have now is only 5% coccaine

  22. you can still be cbd in south carolina and pot will never be legal here so i guess being schedule 1 dosent mean shit

  23. “If you don’t like Willie Nelson…fuck you.”

  24. I'd totally eat that nurses hepatitis pussy!

  25. Brian seems much more chill these days

  26. The Willie Nelson segment was awesome

  27. TX no weed medical ect we can buy it in vap pen but only at lowest. 0.5 ml is it here.. Willie arrest was had 3 to 4 pounds in large plastic totes told yes sir know u n rest but hey let us take bus driver no charges be out in morning willie said hell no its my weed lol.. Went to small little jail sheriff was fan why willie offered deal n no charges pounds lol. Sheriff took willie to his place no real cells ect had to wait on a judge day r so to get there they played guitar took him into weed n drug lock up room Lmfao no bs willie see the 3 huge blue plastic containers said those mine lol well TX as i am turned out after boarder patrol weighed it to pounds our little town sheriff said weighed with that was only a ounce or two lmfao boarder patrol weighed totes lol he was out signed auto played wit sheriff n his brother paid little fine done.. Point was willie aint no punk leave no one to chill n yes knew be out like he was but said no its mine they explain again we not charging any of willie said either way i bought it its mine i dont share already life long fan but damn morale on him yes research it few out side of cop n Tx community knew these facts my kin there im cops as well as willie god i knew when happened willie know will tell it has bit years after as a way of saying how great officers was not part i mentioned yet is mentioned but not to bolster nelson as stand up guy but express how none wanted to hold him up damn the original ones pulling him over said same let us just take a non essential so ya can do show no real charges be misdemeanor ect ect willie said hell no that is mine 100% n only mine lol D A C. is not joking willie got pop with a roach of Afghan in his ashtray lol yes then found 3 pounds more lol Texas why i wont leave.. PS the low low amount in vap pen is novelty can order stronger legally n have shiped store here cant sell higher doses of cbd i would love to get off xanax n depression meds even if legal cannabis here most plants good jobs still by right as should be can require clean hire only so shitty situation… If legal still must stop no good jobs dont test for it .. Houston pill mills ok painkillers 120 a month 90 soma n was 120 2 mg xanax they write out there oooo thats ok u got a RX for it wtf…..

  28. Nail meet head….that's why CBD is being blocked and made a schedule 1is because it does so many great things.

  29. The band at the end of all of these videos of sucks so bad I’m so tired of looking at that fat chick with the gun

  30. Goddam people who don't love ole Willie can kiss my ass and Kanye is on hella drugs is simple wierd dudes can be famous too all assholes are human too lol….hi kanye

  31. Speaking of "dark age states" I live in Florida and was caught with a thc vape cartridge and they charged me with a felony for hash oil..

  32. Jesus, a new garbage song from that same dog shit band? Give it up dude, do you know how many people avoid your videos because they don’t want to hear that fucking trash? Enough.

  33. Dr Acer in Florida used his blood to infect his Pt"s with HiV

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