1. What brand did you use? And which strain?

  2. I just bought it. I'm going to try it tonight. You look well rested.

  3. What brand do you take, how many take it once a aday

  4. So what type of CBD do you use? Hemp or Marijuana? What brand and strength?

  5. Hey I love the information you shared about CBD and Insomnia.
    I am also a medical marijuana user and i have started using MMJ by seeing –
    It help me a lot.

  6. Dude I have the same shit for many years already it's terrible life sucking

  7. Yes pls what brand, do you dose 3x a day as many suggest, what ML / product use, etc HELP we are all waiting !! you are one lucky person to work that fast

  8. What brand do you use? Please reply, have had chronic insomnia for many years

  9. What is the thc vs cbd ratio? What brand was this?

  10. I've been eating small edible chocolate bar squares that probably contains about 5 mg of THC. How much would I take of a CBD tincture that equals this? I'm watching several videos and I see people taking up to 150 mg of tincture. That seems like a lot. Are they 2 completely different things? Can someone tell me how much tincture would equal 5 mg of THC? I use it for sleeping only.

  11. i've tried cbd oil for insomnia and it really works.

  12. Hi! What strength and how much do you use? Where do you get it from, great to hear how it's helping you, definitely going to try it. Thanks

  13. Thank you for this. I just ordered some CBD for insomnia last night. It is literally the last resort. If it doesn't work I'm gonna go nuts. Trying not to get my hopes up. Ive had insomnia since I was 16, and I'm now 48. You are right, when you don' t sleep, you feel sick. It's the worst feeling in the world. I have chronic pain too, and I'm hoping. I hope I never have to take another stupid sleeping pill.

  14. Thanks for the video …

    Here's a few of my recommendations:

  15. So it’s a simple notion the word insomnia. Did you feel worn down, anxious? Depressed? Wired and tired? I had to feel like this and then because of cbd you just slept say, 8 hours?

  16. I'm looking to help my insomnia and get off benzodiazapines for sleep — which do not help anyway. I've been using cbd to stop smoking and so far that has worked, mostly. What strain of cbd helps with sleep? In North Carolina I've talked to naturopath pharmacists and they're like uh with our cbd I would start at .5 grams but jeez that's like $20 a day…I cannot afford that.

  17. All of this talking and zero information on your dosage – not very helpful!

  18. Good for you man. Just curious. Why the fake background? You're obviously not in a doctor's office

  19. Hey! love your video…would you be willing to review our cbd…the site is and blessings

  20. you suffer from insomnia because you're up late watching tv or on your phone, tablet etc. on a huge LED HDTV which produces massive amounts of blue light which has the same effects of drinking coffee

  21. Thanks for your post, I suffer from insomnia as well but its more I wake up every hour or 2 just not in that deep sleep we need.. I drag on the next day its awful feeling. I ordered CBD as well im hoping it helps:)

  22. Hey Mate. I am riddled with insomnia and have just started researching CBD. Your video is very helpful and gives me hope!!! Can you please tell me where you get your CBD from?! Thank you.

  23. how many drops cbd oil did you get in the night for insomnia? thank you for your answer

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