I Used CBD Oil For Three Weeks. This Is How My Body Reacted.

With CBD oil becoming more and more popular, I decided to bite the bullet and try a bottle. However, I did not see the results I was expecting. LIKE THE VIDEO …


  1. Remember, I'm not saying that CBD (cannabidiol) doesn't work. There have been multiple studies that show in the correct doses and for those compounds that actually contain THC, they have been proven to work. I personally did not see the benefit of these and strongly believe that people need to do their research before purchasing any of these products.

  2. Although I believe the Sleep Quality improvements, everything else this stuff claims is that a snake oil LOL just another thing for people to jump on the bandwagon about, definitely nice the company sent you some for free though to try

  3. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.


  5. It is important to know difference between 5% and 10% CBD as well.

  6. I could be way wrong here so I apologize if so but I believe non detectable is a similar term in this instance to proprietary blend, as in the amout of substance is undefined rather than non existent. This could 100% be wrong but I swear I've heard somebody compare these terms that way before can't remember who though.

  7. @CanaGelHempOil CanaGel.com (independently tested patented delivery method where you place a strip inside your cheek for 7 min providing virtually 100% bioavailability compared to the average 5-33% absorption

  8. Glad someone did an honest review. I'm sick of the all the instagram lifters pushing this.

  9. Honesty for the win. I tried in for a month to try and improve some digestion problems I was having. Nadda.

  10. Hemp cbd sucks compared to medicinal cannabis cbd, also, the WADA threshold for THC is such that if you had to use a quality medical cannabis cbd source, which may have up to 3% thc (compared to up to 25% in the strains that make you 'high', which is also the ones usually prescribed for pain and inflammation) you'll still be well under the threshold at which it is banned at. All that being said there's too much hype around it mainly because people want it legalised. It has benefits but it's no miracle drug.

  11. A time stamp for 4:20 * slow approving clap* well done, tippytoes 😆 Gotta wonder if the more potent versions actually work 🤔

  12. Actually the WADA threshold for THC is really high (150 ng/dL or whatever the units are) which basically means that even if you smoked weed a week before comp you definitely wouldn’t test positive. Megsquats has a good video on it.

  13. Topical ointments work pretty well interestingly enough

  14. Cannabinoids are only banned in competition though right? Out of competition testing it holds no relevance here. Correct me if wrong.

  15. Great video Tim thank you for this info I was actually looking into this from one of Russ's videos but since it doesn't seem to have positive effects on joint inflammation especially in the knee guess will look to other natural products.

  16. Wow someone who’s actually honest and not trying to sell me something 👌🏽

  17. I definitely think CBD is more useful for those with issues related to mental aspects rather than physical. For me, I suffer from onset insomnia (and have for 2 years now), so CBD has helped me after trying everything else under the sun (both daily practices like meditation and other products). But for sure think it is overhyped, and for its price, not worth the money for someone who doesn't suffer from mental related issues.

  18. hi tim, ive heard about this type of protein called trenbolone wonder if you could review it?

  19. Yea you need the thc/CBD combo, even if it's just a low dose of THC, like a 1:20 ratio.

  20. Very misleading, this isn't CBD

  21. That's interesting, I know tons of people swear by it and how much it does for them (who buy their own products), but I guess it could be the placebo effect too

  22. Always appreciate your honest reviews

  23. Great video, thanks for taking the bullet and sharing your experience! A couple of comments…

    1) If the supplier's test for thc is very insensitive then their "limit of detection" will be very high and the product may contain significant THC although it's just not detected by their crappy test. One would need to find out what the limit of detection or limit of quantitation for the assay is. They should effectively state this by saying the product contains not more than X% THC. "Not not than" being the limit of detection.

    2) Maybe it was CBDA and not the decarboxylated CBD; they have different absorption, metabolism and perhaps effects.

    3) Maybe it's a speed of absorption thing… Did you try vaping? That would also turn cbda into cbd.

  24. 4:20 timestamp? I see what you did there

  25. It's not actual CBD oil. It's hemp oil.

  26. I had the same experience as you. Very slight sleep improvement. But when you factor in how much it costs, it just wasn't worth it for me either. A little meditation or 20mins of a funny show or podcast to calm you down works just as well for improved sleep imo.

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