I Tried Medicinal CBD For A Week To Help My Anxiety

So this was a much requested video, and I’m hoping that it could be educational, informative, and entertaining! This video is NOT sponsored but I’m thankful for …


  1. HI everyone!! I hope you enjoyed this video and learned a lot. When starting with CBD I recommend Roya Reserve. (http://Www.royalthc.com) what do you recommend and what has your experience been?

  2. Why is this age restricted that’s dumb

  3. TXRxcbd.com is were I get my oils. I have tried 10 different companies. This stuff is truly amazing! The real deal. This CBD oil has helped my daughter tremendously! -Scouts honor .

  4. The employee kinda looks like Michael Shannon

  5. CBD tincture, extract and any other method and form is perfectly legal to buy in any state if your 18 or older

  6. It's INSANE that Marijuana isn't legal everywhere, yet i can legally go by a cigar across my street and pollute the earth and everyone around me. This world is so goofy. We're all just tall kids still telling each other what to do

  7. So if I vape cbd will i be able to drive? Will it make me sleep all the time fast?

  8. I was looking for the entourage effect and came across this. glad to see it worked for you and have an alternative to big pharma.

  9. Are you still using the cbd? I have severe to extreme anxiety and the only thing that has EVER worked for me is xanax. And I dont want to take it

  10. So, basically you can take cbd in any type of form but for the same reason? Confused on how many different ways there is to take it & for what reasons

  11. CBD oil is exploding with new products every week. Who should I trust and what should I buy?

  12. Very informative! Thank you so much!

  13. I understand this video so much it’s unreal. I’ve been looking into cbd oil and such to help with my anxiety… glad I saw this.

  14. I understand CBD has medicinal benefits, but it shouldn't really be taken by itself because it really just doesn't do much. Just get some high CBD marijuana and smoke it

  15. I sell CBD and it saved me like and still doing it. http://www.hipsterzhempz.com

  16. It's not about health dangers. It's about $$$- big pharma propaganda.

  17. I hate anti anxiety pills they are terrible

  18. You're entertaining, charming and super cute. These were contributing factors in my decision to subscribe to your channel. ?

  19. Hi! When you were feeling a lot of anxiety during the first or second day did you take a form of cbd that really helped?

  20. Hi Candace! So, I just recently started searching more for CBD products and I actually found CBD chocolate….. It is my best friend right now!!!!! I do also smoke but I use a strain that is higher in CBD because I have been noticing that it has been helping me so much. I have been sleeping better and my mood has been better! I've been feeling amazing. I loved watching this because I am trying to find more products to try that I can use throughout the day and not worry about the high to disturb my day. Thank you for sharing this!

  21. Weed makes me have panic attacks.

  22. I need help, i have anxiety i think thats what it is ,and i get itches from it, and when i smoke i dont feel those itches no more, so im wondering if i can get a medical card for that?

  23. I know I'm a late show right now. But I would love to hear an update if you've continued to use any of these since this video.

  24. omg I need that jacket it looks so soft

  25. CBD is legal throughout the US anyway. The fact that you’re making such a big deal about it is what makes ME nervous.

  26. heyy, as you try out a lot of different things to help your anxiety, it would be so cool, if you would do like a conclusion video, and told us some things that really help you with your anxiety. That would be so helpful for a lot of us:)

  27. Revolutions RSO Harle-tsu by Revolution 15:1

  28. Cbd is legal in all 50 states, so if you feel like you need some for your own personal reason like anxiety or pain relief then look online and you can find many online shops that will ship cbd flowers, oil, and edibles straight to your door.

  29. Yeah..I dunno. I'd be a little dubious about receiving medical advice from a bud tender LOL.

  30. i cant see how pot would cure anxiety when all pot would do would GIVE me anxiety! Like to the x5 level.

  31. Cbd absolutely works for anxiety.

  32. Most of the product he's talking about uses carrier oils like coconut, vegetable oil and other carriers. Not good at all. You want to use hemp seed as a carried oil which also contains CBD and will enhance the CBD Oil. Hempworx is the purest form. Our extraction process uses Low C02 (sub-critical) extraction is the best. Keeping the temperature low (and not using harsh solvents) ensures all the health properties in the CBD remain in tact. So you know you are getting high quality CBD extract. Visit my site, leave me a message if you want more info http://www.banaya83.hempworx.com

  33. I feel like "welcome to sin city" is NOT an acceptable tag line for products that are supposed to be healthy and medicinal. Sorry Jesse, you just turned me way off the CBD train.

  34. Can't wait get rid of my stress. Thanks for your help! Try crack next

  35. Legal high quality cbd delivered to your door.

  36. I grow my own and make my own oils and tinctures….. And smoke. Its alot cheaper and easier than you think.

  37. To purchase high quality CBD products (with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee) from CTFO, you may visit this Online Store at: http://www.CBDHealthandWealth.info

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