I Tried Medical Marijuana For My Chronic Pain

I’m at a point in my life and my pain where I’m willing to try anything.” Resources for chronic pain: https://theacpa.org/Pain-Management-Programs …


  1. I feel you dear.Im in chronic pain from a lumbar fusion failure.Ive been on pretty much every pain med available.I go to a Pain specialist.All the meds do is mask the pain but eventually turns us into opiate addicts.
    I’ve often wanted to try weed ,oil,or whatever way of ingesting it.
    Looking fwd to see how it works out for you.
    I’m so sorry you’re in that degree of pain.
    Can you let me know your findings?

  2. You know she copped the blunt after this video

  3. Hello, I have a severe version of ibs c and I live in Illinois. Where medical marijuana is legal. For some things. You have to have specific illnesses for it. Sadly IBS C is not on the list for it. I can only hope for it to be legal soon, or for the list to be updated to have more illnesses on it.

  4. Idk what to do. I live in Kentucky and i have awful seizures, i don't like all the prescriptions… I'd rather have cbd

  5. This was an amazing BuzzFeed video. Like frfr, the best one!

  6. finally clocked on this dan video cuz youtube kept telling me to watch it im pissed

  7. I'm worried about that vocal fry girl.

  8. I’d hate to be a pothead.


  10. I have chronic pain. When I'm out of chronic, I'm in pain!

  11. at the trap we Got Bubba, White and black Widow, White Rhino, Gorilla Glue, Grandaddy Purp, Gellato, Pineapple Express, Mango Dreams , Blue Dream, and more🤣

  12. NO VALUE HERE. This is a slick commercial production, created by Hollywood joooz.

  13. The beginning is very triggering, not complaining, just warning others

  14. I never heard of TN, my eyes welled up with tears watching that people could suffer like that 😢

  15. I fucking hate that music track that has inhales and exhales in it wtf

  16. Why is she good looking everywhere except in the studio?

  17. Hi there, I too have chronic TGN and want to thank you for your video. I am in Australia so we are way behind the US at the moment but have found a group who are happy to supply. I've been on Lyrica which is a mind numbing med but the only pharma that helps with the pain. I will check in with you on your journey and contribute if I see it adds anything to what you are saying. xxx g

  18. I'm 17 I smoke weed for my migraine and back pain, but the weed here in the Netherlands is so strong that I am looking real old pls some1 explain

  19. Where can I get the Charlotte's Web stuff?

  20. So sad, to see such a beautiful lady suffering in pain and agony.

  21. i been cannabis frendy for 50 years now! ( "medical" ha ha)>> i decided wayyyyyy back in '67 any government that nixed the weed was ILLEGAL & that WEED was legal.Simple!

  22. I'm in Pennsylvania & I have a very severe case #PseudotumorCerebri & #Idiopathicintracranialhypertension,
    I have been cut open multiple times for brain surgery to place vp shunts over 6 times, I've had many "revisions" -although now I know that is just the full surgery over again-usually because the implanted dial behind my ear stopped working, the shunt collapsed because my ventricles couldn't hold it (I was 2 lbs. 5 oz. when I was born therefore the surgeons were unaware of how small my ventricles were until it was time to have, a surgery again and again. I got an infection in the hospital (I was unaware-they didn't tell me anything) and when I woke up in the critical ICU all I wanted was my doctor. I was told he wanted to do the surgery before he left for vacation but I knew we were waiting for the last culture to come back?? I saw him 6 weeks later for outpatient and by then I knew because the hospital was required to send me a form that they had given me an infection during surgery. A man I trusted and looked up to stood above me taking gauze off that was actually stapled to my head and face & never said a word. Trying to make an 8 to 10 year story a short version is really tough to do. So. If on Gods green earth you answer this. I want you to know that I also had five surgeries in two years three of them three days in a row! My question is now that I have taken myself off of all pain medicines even though I'm in constant pain, I take seizures, positional migraines, tennitus, etc etc etc-I love my 2 girls more than anything in the world. They are what got me to Philly TJH for 3 years. I missed them & children can't visit CICU. Yet, the pain I'm in daily is head 2 toe. I feel like they cut open my pain part & left it open. It's hard to be happy in this kind of pain at 36.Two things shock me being as though I'm so close to Philly and New York and that is that Donald Trump is president and marijuana has not been legalized. Ty🎬💚💙Erin
    http://www.IHRFoundation.org please learn about us-it's a woman's disease. 🎬💯💕 thanks for sharing with us

  23. I smoke because I have anxiety, depression, and a special form of PTSD that comes from being raped…so yeah

  24. I am a big believer that any action represents the place it comes from and that every living human is free. People cause more damage to society from alcohol than guns. why banning marijuana ? some people like myself that suffer from high stress and insomnia find marijuana a perfect solution and yet we get filed tickets for processing it and we're encouraged to pay money that we can't afford for other drugs that the government is making profit from like pills. What an irony…

  25. My mom doesn't smoke but takes cannabis oil for her severe fibromyalgia and arthritis and it helped immensely


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