I Tried Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil For my Anxiety

Hello world. So I was unsure about this Charlotte’s Web CBD oil because of the stigma certain substances have. I must say however, I don not regret using …


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  2. great content and personality, bro. you should have alot more subs

  3. You should do a video with Tourette's guy.

  4. Why does his have so many dislikes you’re hilarious

  5. Man you got check if your bipolar ? You look hypomanic

  6. Lmfao nice intro! All of them.

  7. Ummm..where did u find your oil ?

  8. Bro calm your intro the fuck down. Haha

  9. Do you have a link to the Charlotte's Web CBD oil page?

  10. I have been looking into CBD oil and I want to try it so much. But I was nervous about it. But your video helped me make the decision to try it. And I had to subscribe, you're funny af!???

  11. I need to see you on the H3 Podcast rn

  12. I appreciate this video…I had anxiety for most of my life but now it has gotten out of hand where I don’t like going out at all when I use to be such a social butterfly ….I get anxiety being in my car for too long and live in fear of having anxiety in front of anyone so I locked myself in my room for months…my boyfriend who is a heavy weed smoker recommended me to start smoking but that’s just not who I am..I don’t like the feeling of being high and felt like that will only make my anxiety worse…so then I started reading about CBD and decided to try it..I’m nervous but I definitely want to try it because I am sick of living this way!

  13. You deserve more subscribers

  14. fuck Obama and his kind, but thanks for the info

  15. CBD oil works for only few day. After long time it's build tolerance then u need more and more

  16. I have anxiety pretty bad and from what I hear and see it works. Will it help if your anxiety is pretty bad? How often should you do it every day or once a week. Let me know if it helps I really need help with my anxiety and I don’t wanna get on meds.

  17. I found your video on accident, but was instantly hooked and entertained lol. You're awesome man, I'm subscribing for sure. By the way ive dealt with anxiety and panic attacks my whole damn life. I get claustrophobic in traffic allot of times. Its complete hell. Anyway Keep up the good work brotha lol. Much love from Seattle WA!

  18. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  19. You're hilarious. Subscribed & looking forward to more videos haha.

  20. Dope stuff man …cheers ..stay lifted ..check me out sometime just subbbbed yiu

  21. My cousin has some medication that's a little stronger ?

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