I Tried CBD Oil, Here’s How I Feel (Benefits of CBD Oil)

I experience a lot of anxiety and I’ve read CBD oil can help, so I tried it! Apparently CBD oil, from the hemp plant, can relax the nervous system and help us be …


  1. Look up The Snake Diet for fasting the guys name is Cole Robinson. There's a Facebook group called Snake Diet Motivation join and see how people are curing all sorts of stuff through fasting. Btw it has nothing to do with eating snakes..

  2. Glad you are trying CBD!! I have heard great things about its ability to help heal brain injury and even actually slow the natural age related brain decline dementia etc. It's working on a lot of levels that is unfortunately tough to research for obvious reasons. It is probably gonna lower your blood sugar too so not sure how that effects your fasting, but that is something to be aware of that many people don't know about cannabis. If you are in a legal state I recommend researching the entourage effect and microdosing if you continue to see benefits. It saves you at least 2/3 the $ with more effective results. And you don't get high with a microdose it just makes the CBD a ton more effective and potent so you can go down dramatically on dose (like literally 1 drop will equal 30 or more) thus saving a lot of cash without compromising any effect. Your dosage needs may naturally fall anyway once your endocanabinoid system is fully replenished and full effects are achieved at about 3 months of daily supplementation.
    Please keep up to date on how it works?

  3. You mentioned if you take it sleep comes on quickly. So i gather this is not good to take in the day ( i.e morning for anxiety?) I'm hearing mixed things about this. I want to sleep better but i also need something for the day for anxiety and pain but i don't want to end up falling alseep if you get my drift? I have work to do in the day so i cant be sleepy.

  4. Get rid of all carbs. Keto carnivore diet really helped my anxiety and depression.

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