I Tried CBD Oil For My Chronic Pain

CBD OIL IS LEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES* I hate taking pharmaceutical drugs. HATE IT!! They make me sick and they have a way of starting addictions. I wanted to …


  1. Tried it and it does not work.

  2. Good for u if a palliative helps we as Americans should have the right to partake

  3. Koi saved my life I have chronic pain illnesses an I was over it I was ready to be done with life but I said let me give this a try I started at 75mg then to 250mg and then 500mg took about 4 weeks an I'm at the point first time in 13 yrs I woke up an went to the bathroom without my walker an I felt great no tears didn't need my meds I take a full thing under my tounge an vape it if u go to the sights it's very much cheaper u can get 5 bottles alot cheaper an thy also got the all natural ones u can't vape I have only got the strawberry milkshake that's the red one I do want to try some of the others I'm going to buy one of the 1000 mg all naturals an yes I have to have something to drink but I'm going to buy 5 bottles of the other online koi is the best I have tryed an I don't wake up 2 or 3 times in pain in the middle of the night

  4. Effect varies from person to person..Some find it good for pain, others , for better sleep, less anxiety, increased / decreased appetite. Looking at the WORLD attitude to Cannabis, I think it will not be too many years now, before it will be LEGAL in all countries. The population of many regions, use it anyway…It cannot be stopped! So let's be allowed to use it as we wish.

  5. CBD oil is exploding with new products every week. Who should I trust and what should you buy?

  6. i am a new CBD oil user, and i am hooked! it has helped me in 3 different ways so far, so i will continue to try different ones. i got a 750mg spearmint flavor from Hempworx. i also got some for my cat from them. and i got a 500mg plain taste (that you hate, i don't mind it so much) from MEDIXCBD. i am going to try some gel capsules next, from PLUSCBDOIL.

  7. How much of your pain does it relieve ? A little , completet reliefe , or where in the middle ?

    Thank you ,
    God bless

  8. Try Hemp Bombs 300mg/1oz aka 5mg CBD per half dropper. The CBD Peppermint Flavor goes down smooth. Can usually be found locally for $29. I need something stronger so I'll probably go for the 1000 mg however that's closer to $75/oz.

  9. We get it in 2 or 5 mg…taste ? Not nice, but just smile and swallow it!

  10. I have horrible pain at night in my si joint I hope cbd oil works for me! Waiting for my oil in the mail!

  11. I used the oil recently for anxiety problems driving my truck but didn't get much from it due to low strength so switched to high strength vaping instead and it works great! Maybe you should give it a go for your pain management. Sending love from the UK xxx

  12. Really helps me with anxiety.

  13. I am waiting on cbdistillery it suppose to be better. I will let you know

  14. I hope no one used green roads because of my review. It quit working after two uses.

  15. Try green roads world…made by a pharmacist and is verified….great product!

  16. thank you! i have chronic pain and i think i will try this

  17. I use CBD. I use the paste though. The oils are WEAK and over priced. IMO

  18. CBD oil is more effective the closer it is to a 1:1 ratio with THC oil (as I've been told). Yes, you will feel the effects of the THC, but it will offer more relief for smaller doses. Obviously most people don't want the psychoactive effects while trying to go about their daily life and stuff, but they had a 20:1 ratio as like, their starter. I wonder if that's why that particular oil wasn't as effective for you? I think a 20:1 is supposed to be barely noticeable, but medical marijuana isn't available to me currently. (Also, it's super expensive anyway.)

    I heard about this in Candace Lowry's video about trying medical marijuana, but the one by Kelsey did has a lot of other methods and she actually found the least relief from tinctures. The video is on Buzzfeed Blue, if you're interested. Candace's is just on her own channel.

  19. oh, and could you add it to an empty veggie capsule with olive oil or something? I've heard of people doing it that way, it's as easy as swallowing a pill.

  20. I'm SO glad that it's working for you! I'm starting Brayden on it this week to see if it helps with behavior/attention.

  21. We have been looking into CBD for my 8 year old. He has Angelman Syndrome which comes along with seizures and anxiety. Our pediatrician is not on board though…

  22. Have you tried other versions of CBD besides the oil! I also hated the taste of the oil so I feel ya and can understand. I have also tried CBD pills which didn’t have any taste. My favorite CBD I’ve found so far is CBD water! I’ve tried both an orange flavor and lemonade one. It’s a powder packet (think of it like a crystal light packet). It taste so so good!! The Orange reminds me of Tang and the lemonade one is actually a little sour, which I like because it tastes more like actual lemonade and not the fake artificial stuff like crystal light. Unfortunately for me the CBD hasn’t worked for my chronic pain or insomnia. However, water does help relax my muscles which is nice. I will say when I had the flu the CBD was amazing and helped with my body aches. I’ve also tried CBD/THC combination and I only found it worked when I was dealing with meningitis (for the 5th time). I learned so much from a local dispensary which I found to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful

  23. Nothing wrong with using the medicine that works best for you. Stay Strong.

  24. I wish CBD oil was legal here as I hate relying on codeine to not be screaming in pain and if I'm late or forget a dose I end up needing an extra one to control it which I hate, I'm a use what works for you person as my brother uses marijuana as no pain medications work at all for him. He lost all feeling in hislegs suddenly just had pain, so he was smoking it for ages after as the very strong meds they gave him did nothing at all. luckily he can survive without it most days now

  25. I love cbd oil! 🙌🏼 helps with the anxiety I’ve been having lately.

  26. I've heard some amazing things about CBD oil! I'm so glad you had a good experience with it. <3 So sorry what you go through everyday. love you beautiful lady, you're my hero.

  27. Opinions are like buttholes…everyone has one 😜 A vet told me to use CBD oil for my dog for his seizures but I ended up going a different route with his neurologist.

  28. I'm glad you've found something that works for you x Hopefully you can find ones that are flavoured and cheaper lol

  29. I hate that this is controversial!! I would much rather you do what you need to care for your pain and in a natural way! You do you!

  30. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ happy you can try more natural treatments!

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