How To Vape CBD Oil [Two Different Systems]


  1. Thanks for the video! Would you say CBD is more of a cumulative effect over time to see the benefits? Meaning you have to take it for a little while to really see what it will do for you long term?

  2. A good refillable vape is the surin or mi pod

  3. Am taking 100mg and 15ml cbd is it too low for very bad anxiety

  4. Are the CBD vape liquids isolate form?

  5. My vape bottle says " 200 mg and the bottle size is 20 ml" is this a therapeutic dose for anxiety? I also have bought a 400 cbd mg not sure if it's too strong yet

  6. Is 200 too low for anxiety, I like to vape best

  7. Does your cbd oil help with ED?

  8. can you build a tolerance to cbd

  9. Thank you Catherine I’m so happy that you are giving good Information on CBD.Thank you Catherine.

  10. Great video very interesting.

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