How to use your new Palmetto Aura CBD oil & KangerTech Vape Combo

Just a quick tutorial on use of your new KangerTech SUBOX Mini & Palmetto Aura Whole Plant CBD Vape Oil.


  1. I know this is an old video, but if anyone is just seeing this, like I am, you can hold down the button to change the wattage a lot quicker. She's probably figured this out by now. 😉

  2. Why would you have to so called prime it .when you put the tank together the oil is going to leak into the coil anyways .

  3. What’s your phone number for customer service?

  4. Mine clumps up and won’t mix no matter what I do. I have the 1 ounce aura ?

  5. Just being curious has your CBD liquid been gas analysed for harmful content when heated and inhaled?

  6. This lady has no clue how to properly operate this thing

  7. How many milligrams in the 30ml bottle? Most companies do 500mg, 250mg, etc

  8. I got the same kangertech as you and i vape at 12.5 watts. I plan on getting cbd liquid.

  9. That "2nd coil" is actually a RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer (aka coil)) that is for more advanced folks who want to rebuild their coils which is why it comes with the cotton pouch and tool kit. I don't advise anyone use the RTA unless you're a seasoned knowledgeable vaper. If you want to learn about using that RTA YouTube kanger Subohm mini RTA

  10. its cute watching a woman give tutorials..

  11. can i vape the raw oil or i need special cbd liquid?

  12. But why five clicks to activate??

  13. I'm confused, so, do I need to combine ejuice with the CBD oil when vaping? Or can I just vape the CBD oil? Sorry, I'm new here…

  14. Chris (below) makes the best comment…this is NOT like vaping e juice! You vape to get pure CBD oil rather than smoke (which herb always contains some THC). Know the difference. You don't chain vape CBD like your e juice all day. Regulate the dosage (2 small hits aprox 2mg) and modify as needed.

  15. do you need liquid to vape,can it be empty?

  16. How much is that in philippines

  17. just hold the button in and it will scroll fast. you don't have to do a million clicks

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