How To Use CBD Oil Topical Products

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  1. What about CBD topical that has THC content? Would that be better?

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  3. Hey out of all the kinds of CBD oil brands I have tried I have had the best results with this.

  4. I have used CBD for about a month.
    It has not helped my chronic pain at all in hips and knees.
    What’s the highest dose I can get.
    Shall I find aCBD doctor.
    Thanks for all the info.

  5. why does the video repeat itself after 1 minute? just when its getting good it restart😒

  6. Hi bro do you have a Facebook page where we can ask questions more directly?

  7. My favorite topical! I've given it to several friends who also had great results.

  8. I'd be interesting in hearing more about using it for wound care or fissures

  9. I need one for MRSA, do you have any recommendations?

  10. What is a good CBD oil? I live in New England.

    I have used a CBD balm by Good Body Products called Whipped Wonder Butter. Has good ingredients, I have celiac disease always reading labels. I mix this CBD base with Topricin an arthritis rub. No smell the two work well together for joint pain/muscle spasm pain.
    Heard Dr Oz on Fox n Friends this am around seven am ish talking about interview with Ivanka Trump when he mentioned about Medical MJ as an effective pain reliever, should not be a schedule 1 drug and could be effective weaning folks off addictive medications..I hope this logic spreads. Many people could benefit and get off the opiods

    Enjoy your channel.

  11. I'm SO THANKFUL for this product!! I use it on a nearly daily basis and I've been able to cut my pain medication usage in half or some days, none at all!! I'm having a hard time finding a Tincture that is affordable. I'm disabled and don't make nearly as much as I did when I was working. Do you have a link to a place I can check out? The Salve works wonders for me!! I just need to get more that I can use orally, for widespread Fibro pain.

    Thank you for your help, and keep making these videos! Very helpful! I'm a subscriber and always a THUMBS UP!!
    God Bless 🙂

  12. so not good for chronic pain from full hip replacement?

  13. green roads makes a good pain cream I use after workouts and also use it before bed

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