How To Use CBD Oil For Pain Relief


  1. How much ??? Gold label !!!

  2. With the Vape what is one serving? Is it one inhale?

  3. Good points. Sugar and processed foods are the real cause of joint pain.

  4. I take Eltoxin, Crestor and Dilantin. I started vaping 125 mg CBD, then tried 375mg drops, now use a 1000 mg vape oil, while "topping up" with the others throughout the day. (Careful not to over do it)
    My pharmacist suggested that the Dilantin interferes with the absorption of the CBD, which could be why I need a stronger CBD. Any ideas/suggestions?
    I was afraid initially that the CBD would interfere with the meds, seems to be the other way around.

  5. hi will it help with the withdrawls from opiates?

  6. I get very sick the next day taking the CBD Oil. So, it's difficult for me to keep.on taking it. Do you think I need to take less then half a serving? Bc that's what I was trying. Lastly, the CBD Vape actually seems to work for me with no side effects. What's your suggestion of my situation? Thanks in advance.

  7. So if I have to double the serving size do I take it all at once (for pain) or an hour apart?

  8. Hi I want to ask you. I started using cbd oil is pure and is by CTFO for my son with autism he is 11 and is nonverbal and also has lot's of meltdowns and hurts him self when angry so I met a lady online who is a sales representative so she sales de oils anyhow I went through one whole bottle of 500mg and did abosolutly nothing for my son so I purchased the 750mg and it's been almost 2 weeks on this one and nothing I it work for other people why isn't helping my son.I going to loose my mind.

  9. What about the dosage for psychological disorders is it the same

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