How To Use CBD Oil For Better Sleep

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  1. Hello Catherine, I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I've been taking CBD that comes in corn oil, made in Austria and branded as Purodiol, UK. I think this one is especially for Brazil users. I've been taking it for a month. started with 10mg and increased to 20mg a day after 2 weeks but I feel concerned about what you said, that my stress might be so intense that the cbd can't compete. but I can increase it up to 50mg. My sleep got extremely worse in 2016 after 3 sessions of deep TMS. before that I used to sleep well when I combined mirtazapine+rivotril but does not work anymore. tried adrenal optmizer formula but I found out that B5 vitamin and all B vitamins make me very depressed and crying, so I've been taking only KSM-66 Ashwagandha for the adrenal problem. I really hope the CBD works for me. sometimes I think the possibility of that deep TMS has caused me Sporadic Fatal Insomnia SFI .

  2. Hello , well I am knew on this thing of CBD, made lots of research , your video is very clear and very informative , besides that the info comes from a Nutrition Health Specialist , so I will put my whole trust in you Catherine. I think will order the Golden one for sleep . Also I think is good for Anxiety , some times I feel little bit anxious hope this will help. I want to quit the pills and go with nature.

  3. What is your thoughts on Cbn Also how many droppers are 30mg

  4. Hey Catherine, have you or any of your patients experienced any teeth staining from using cbd vape?

  5. Hey catherine! Been following your videos, very informative. Thank you for them. I recently decided to go the cbd oil route for anxiety/sleep relief. I purchased a 1000mg full spectrum tincture bottle. What do you recommend at night-time as a good dose for restful sleep? I was told by my seller, about 3-4 drops. I am also taking melatonin 5mg.

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