How To Use CBD (CBD Products Explained)

You can buy CBD Hemp Oil from these reputable suppliers: BlueBird Botanicals: NuLeaf Naturals: …


  1. if someone has the raw version and realized that it doesn't give them the benefits that the gold version gave them, can they heat the raw to hopefully make it more effective… if so, do you have a video on how to do that (decarboxylate it), or an explanation of how to … not starting from the plant, but from raw form ?

  2. I'll be glad when suppositories come out!Enjoyed your interview with Taun!

  3. What companies sell the applicator and of what strengths? I am a 74-year-old Santa and a 70-year-old Mrs. Claus that has aches and pains from VERY bad backs and need sleep. We live in California and will, supposedly, be able to obtain a obtain a stronger product in a shop, however, we need to also keep our costs in line as we still work part-time jobs just to keep us in our home. Thanking you in advance, Santa Lorrin and Mrs. Claus Dianna

  4. Can you vaporize the cbd in the syringe or do you have to take it orally? Great video btw !

  5. Like to have your take on CBD smoked with vape pen inhaled as CBD smoke.
    Is CBD effective to treat allergy attacks. Thanks for useful information

  6. is cbd terpenes used for flavor only are do they have health benefits like cbd oil?

  7. I ordered capsules but it wasn't oil, it was in powder form…i got a buzz from it and a light headache…what are your thoughts? I'm not so sure what to expect. Thanks!

  8. Question on the syringe, most raw form. Is there more concentration of thc in a serving,more so than the others? I am extremely sensitive to thc.

  9. Most of these companies do not sell what the advertise. The percentage is, sometimes, when analyzed, "no cbd detected". An honest company y, that shows you the full analysis is They are the most inexpensive and best quality I have come across.

  10. I am a Recovering addict and have a diagnosis of Drug Induced Paranoia with Anxiety, due to an overdose. Would you recommend CBD oil? I'm scared to be in a "high" like state because I start to change mentally due to trauma. I like the Gummy Bear method.

  11. Are these CBD oils combined with THC or are they strictly CBD?

  12. Hi there! i recently bought my 1st CBD product at a natural Health food store in my area. The CBD brand is from "Pure Science Lab" and i purchased the 400 ML.bottle. I have been having seizures(about 1 every 2 months or so) and my Dr.prescribed the NEW anti-seizure drug that Big Pharma is pushing>>KEPPRA(with 2 pages of side effects). Can you tell me if that Lab is selling "TRUE CBDs and is 4oo ML enough to stop the seizures? ALSO…my hubby has medical issues(enlarged Prostate, respiratory issues and congestive Heart Failure>>>can CBDs help ANY of these issues?)Many Thanks, in advance, for your help!!

  13. I use CBD oil sublingual way on empty stomach. It works the best.
    I make my own cannabis cream which I apply daily of affected area. Works fast and leave me without pain for most of the day.

  14. My question that I have is for Vaping CBD E-Liquid. For someone new to CBD, how do you know what levels of CBD to start out (mg/ml, not the amount in the entire bottle)? How does 1 know what is a Low/High Dosage when determining a CBD Vape Oil? I don't want to get something and find it was too much to start with, but I tried CBD Oil (that you put under your tongue) and it didn't work well for me. Idk if I didn't take "enough", or what the issue was. But wanting to try a CBD Vape next as it is said to absorb much faster into the bloodstream, but confused as to where to start for the concentration of CBD.

  15. hii! I'm Elena and i'm italian.. here in italy if you mention the word '' cannabis'' everyone look at you as a drug-addicted.. but here my question.. i'm struggling with acne , moderate acne but persistent.. i tried a lot of products , but none of these has helped me to free me from this problem can CBD oil help me??? thanks for these useful informations .. greetingss

  16. I used to have very bad back pain and I recently started using Pure CBD Oil. My pain has completely gone away and I feel younger and have more energy. I ordered it from this website you can click on the link buy the CBD Oil.

  17. My doctors just say don't use anything else but your usual medication. They don't even check it out. I have afib and don't know if I can use CBD. I also am wondering if it will treat foot fungus?

  18. I use the CBD which helps me, I feel great! I believe this product. I have a discount coupon from and I can share it: 10off489

  19. Will be trying CBD as an alternative to Ritalin or other amphetamines for my 8 year old child who has been diagnosed with ADHD. What I am trying to find out is , what would be the right dosage for him. I did speak to his pediatrician but my son will be the first of his patients to use CBD as an alternative to amphetamines. So he is unsure of the the correct dosage for my child. Could you or anyone here using CBD for their child offer some insight or point me in the right direction?
    Thank you

  20. What do you think about ojai energetics super CBD

  21. Thanks for the video. I've question i have is..does CBD and CBDa activate CB2 receptors the same? Basically is raw CBD different from decarboxylised?

  22. Do you have an online retailer of preference? I keep researching but I've found the market is so saturated with knockoffs, making it tough to figure out what to order. Looking for back pain relief. I've found C*******e's W*b to be quality based on reviews. Thoughts?

  23. Why wouldn't you use the tincture as a topical?

  24. Confused on which cbd oil I should get for anxiety help please

  25. I am 80 and diagnosed with cancer and I have a heart condition, is CBD safe for everyone? Thank You

  26. How often does one put drops under tongue? Is it every 4 hours, 6 hours, how often.

  27. how much is the larger bottle of tincture that you showed in your video?

  28. Thank you for your great videos

  29. Can you use tinc as a topical?

  30. Have been off hydro for 75 hours. Thanks to Kratom and CBD.

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