How to make medical cannabis oil – Safe & Easy

Also watch How to make Medicinal Cannabis Oil with Grain Alcohol by Induction: This was a experiment: this extract was not …


  1. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  2. They have no idea what they are doing ?

  3. Alot of crap stil in it need to filter better

  4. This guy doesn’t know anything about fucking chemistry .I have better way for extraction

  5. It not for smoking dumb dumbs, it for baking

  6. lol if anyone hasnt told u yet
    ur alcohol needs to be -35f then no plant taste
    shake for 3 minutes and keep the temp of everything at that negative point
    otherwise ur on the right track

  7. has anyone used this process and Vaped the oil? Is it effective

  8. Kmk instrumental in the background makes this video complete ✌

  9. I.couldnt watch your video because the music was so loud and crazy sorry

  10. Evaporate in the sunlight

  11. And that’s how you crack out some wax

  12. Paper towel filter funniest shit i ever seen
    Needs to be non bleached coffee filter you getting shit off the paper towel in it
    Don't want it to be dark dont leave the mix in the liquid for longer then 30 secs

  13. Why did you add the music, not only was it pointless, it is awful? Right, back to the video.

  14. How long do you leave your weed to infuse with the alcohol in the jar? and should it be kept air tight?

  15. Why dont u just smoke it? Why the oil?

  16. Let it jus sit in water for a few months is the right way jus look at how they wear doing it 2000 plus years ago info is all there use are studying and trying to make a product to put other shalf n e thing with additives is not good for you

  17. Why heat it? Your killing the goodness, just let it sit yo

  18. Can i know is this oil can cure a cancer?tq

  19. Making burgers on that oil is amazing. Eating a baked hamburger while getting baked.

  20. can it help seizures after vp shunts surgery?

  21. The music was excellent choice, a couple of small rubber spatula

  22. What do you do with it? Make brownies?

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