How-To: Infusing with CBD

Think I said, “Simple,” enough times? It really is, though! Here’s a very basic and simple guide to explain how you can infuse your own goods with CBD Isolate …


  1. could you do this with dob wax or with cbd concentrate oil

  2. so the coco bar has enough fat to absorb the cbd?

  3. Cool but vid right to the point I would eat it all

  4. 6:05 "Alright, so I have my pot, and my bowl."

  5. Yeah but you would be better off putting the drops in each section of the chocolate square to make sure your getting an accurate amount of CBD oil in each bite,or square

  6. i have made the same with isolate which comes in a 1 gram

  7. ?powder form of full spectrum? Do they sell it?

  8. Thank you to know this yessss

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