How To Improve Eyesight – Healing Your Eyes Naturally

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  1. Eye Mask (Amazon Link) –
    Coconut Oil I Use –
    Barlean Total Omega I Use –

  2. After a week of using the eye sight advancement procedure "fetching zuzo com" (Google it), I observed my eye sight become much better. I would certainly recommend this product to people who`re having difficulty with their vision..

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  5. I merely have eyeglasses for reading. It has been several weeks since I have started making use of the eye-sight improvement method "fetching zuzo com" (Google it). I simply completed my eye examination and was amazed to find that no more deterioration was found. I really feel happy concerning the fact I do not have to spend on eyeglasses mainly because my eyes are in good shape.

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  7. Soon after I became Forty years of age, my eye sight has changed and became unclear. Count on me when very much. It has only been several days since I have began this vision improvement technique fetching gobam site (Google it) journey. There are indications of enhancements to my eye-sight right now. How I wish I learned about this treatment solution in the past.

  8. I merely have eyeglasses for reading. And then, I found the eye-sight improvement method fetching gobam site (Google it) and I tried the product. The physician told me that my eye examination findings were fine and my vision didn`t get even worse. This meant I get to save money supposedly for the new eye glasses just because my vision are clear right now..

  9. My eyesight has been very bad recently. I visited a doctorI visited and he stated there wasn`t any treatment solution for the impairment, however I started out using vision advancement method fetching gobam site (Google it) and saw results. Just before I started using it, my eye-sight was uncertain as well as my eyes were very dry. Within just 14 days, I noticed a good difference in my vision and I also felt great.

  10. Please update us on your eyes! thanks

  11. My glasses have always been for reading only. It has been weeks since I started utilizing the vision improvement method “fetching zuzo com” (Google it). I just finished my eye examination and was surprised to find that no more deterioration was discovered. So, I didn`t need to spend on new eyeglasses and I see very clear.

  12. CarrollsKitchen Hey girl great vid but i got something better for you to try. I been putting Castor oil in my eyes every night before bed for past 2 weeks and I can see better!! it is great! i use castor oil but it has to be cold pressed Hexane free & paraben free and solvent free girl get you some and try it this stuff really works just make sure its done at bedtime because it dose make vision blurry then in the morning get you a saline eye wash and wash it clean then do it again next night and u will be seeing in no time! Im onna keep doing it eye doc said hey your sight is improving! keep doing it every night
    till your eyesight gets where u want it!

  13. Of all the vision support items that I`ve used, this vision improvement method “fetching zuzo com” (Google it) works the best! It only took Two weeks for the product to enhance my sight, so I kept using it. Now, I could concentrate better with less blur because my eyes have become more clear now.

  14. Good info but the palming recommendation here with a mask is incorrect. Palming where you place the hands gently over the eyes needs to be done with the Palms.  Bates ( creator of the Bates Method) emphasized how the palms were key to this exercise. So substituting with a mask is not effective or recommended.  The hands are used here to nurture and heal the eyes by inducing relaxation. There is something about having a tactile hands on your skin for healing.  If you palm the right way, it can be the most powerful exercise for natural vision improvement.  Everyone should read Dr William Bates books thoroughly for maximum results. Bates method really works!!!

  15. Look at beauty? I just will look at my children and my doggie. Much more beautiful than flowers! 🙂

  16. I wish you would of poured some of that drink out so I know what consistency looks like.

  17. You doing palming 20 minutes daily?

  18. Thanks Stephanie I like the magnet eye mask I'll have try that, do you wear your glasses all day? I try to go without mine but find Im always reaching for them, I think the eyes will try to adjust better without them but i get a little impatient

  19. I have tv static in my vision 🙁

  20. Ur so pretty !! thnks for ur advice !

  21. eyesight cant be improved lady ,

  22. Thanks Carroll for the sleep mask suggestion. My arms get too heavy when I palm.

  23. What a Blessing you are Carroll… I pray you have the perfect Gift of Perfect eye sight……..

  24. Nature will help healing eyes as well as eating nature but screens/phones/tv all damage our eyes and keep them on a fixed state which doesn't let them adapt.

  25. Any chance you could do an update video to this video talking about your progress and things you learned, are doing new, or differently? Thanks loved this video. It is very informative and useful.

  26. Most people have eye damage due to prolonged screen exposure such as pc/laptop, smartphones, tablets, etc. That's one reason why some people are wearing glasses. Digital devices are emitting a dangerous blue light which is negatively impacting not only our vision but also our overall health. Also, exposure to blue light a couple of hours before bedtime actually suppresses melatonin and delays deep REM sleep significantly. By applying an anti-blue light screen protector, it can reduce the strain on the eyes and get a better sleep. One of the recommended is ocushield screen protector. It blocks invisible bluelight and prevents eye damage.

  27. What are ur diopters now?dis it help

  28. Try and dab under your eyes instead of rub!! Helps prevent premature wrinkles on the delicate skin!

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