How to choose the best hemp CBD oil | fibromyalgia & chronic pain

Brandi Clevinger from Being Fibro Mom and I discuss hemp CBD oil – what is it, how is it beneficial for pain and fibromyalgia, and how do you identify a quality …


  1. Is hemp oil good for seizures

  2. Sure this hemp oil be refrigerated..

  3. I started with cbd oil by hemp plant. 500mg on Amazon. Helps with pain and crohns disease. Ordered from amazon.

  4. was diagnosed last year with fibro after suffering with it for years, but the drugs they suggested to "manage" it are worse than the fibro. Pain is awful, fatigue is awful as most fibro sufferers know. I began CBD oil on July 3rd (this year)and on Friday the 13th, I did not take any pain meds. Been a daily diet of pain meds for years now. Today is Monday and still have not taken any pain meds. I walked my dog this morning and noted how great I felt, how good my back felt and my hips. I have not known this kind of relief in over 27 years.

  5. I must say… listening to this writer call each cannabinoid in full spectrum CBD oil an endocannabinoid is painful and causes her to lose much credibility with me. Terminology matters. The endocannabinoid system is in your body; it is what is naturally produced by the body. Cannabinoids that are in full spectrum oil- like CBD, CBN, CBG, and THC- are happening outside of the body and as such should be referred to as “cannabinoids”, not “the endocannabinoids in full spectrum oil”. Smh.

  6. What is the cost or price range for the cbd oil… 1oz?

  7. 250 mg probably means total mg per bottle, whether it is 1/2 ounce (15ml) or 30ml. Through trial and error my recommendation is 30- 50 mg daily for pain, inflammation, headache. I take 20mg twice a day. Do diligent research and purchase from a reputable company with full spectrum, organic or grown in USA, pesticide free and minimal added ingredients. CBD has been very beneficial for me but you need to do research. Go to Rave reviews for some good companies.

  8. Horrible audio – can't hear her and if I turn my volume way up then the host is to loud

  9. Since according to the World Health Organization – there is no toxicity level for CBD if a company is showing tests w/ greater CBD concentrations than listed on the bottle, that’s a good thing. If company doesn’t provide documented tests from a 3rd party don’t buy it

  10. All u that have fibromyalgia should take SELENIUM which our system requires. A lack of SELENIUM in the diet will manifest as fibromyalgia which the establishments profit from greatly. Educate yourselves and get to the root of the issues to eliminate them. CBD is great but be sure to seek out the cause to eliminate the issue. Nearly all disease comes from a lack of minerals

  11. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  12. Thank you so much I’ve shared this !

  13. I had no idea the dispensary cbd worked better ? Everything stops working for me even Motrin !

  14. Q: how to find a pure organic potent CBD A: grow & make your own…

  15. Not all cbd products are created equal. Most of the cbd oils available are made from isolates and are incomplete cbd proiles.
    Buy only full spectrum cbd like Ananda Hemp which is made from the flower only. For information send me your email and it will forward a complete information package.

  16. CBD is truly a great medicine for Lyme related chronic pain & fatigue. I never found good full spectrum CBD oil until last week. Pure CBD isolate didn't do much at all. Always had it tainted with higher amounts of THC which would give me high so I was never able to feel the medicinal effects. I obtained a strain called X-Terpene Charlotte's Web which contained 13% CBD & 6% THC.

  17. Question. Is "Hemp Spectrum/Whole Plant Hemp Extract" the same as full spectrum? The company I've purchased from has that description. I appreciate any info you can provide. Thx!

  18. I have used CBD and experienced no side effects and tons of benefits. I would recommend it. I got mine from this website,

  19. 12 years with fibromyalgia and it works for me

  20. I plan to vape my cbd oil. Everyone has there on different opinions on cbd oils, vaping etc. Many that vape says it gets to the system more quickly and that the relief begins quicker.

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