How to be successful selling Hempworx CBD Oil, and some updates on me!

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  1. Great Video Marissa. When did you start?

  2. Pretty expensive isn’t it? The guy from Kentucky doesn’t agree with you, I am confused .

  3. Hey Marissa I'm in hempworx also I hit the ground running also and could use some help can you please message me ?

  4. I thought sending out samples of Hempworx was against company policy? Words you used like "cancer treatment" is a big no no with Hempworx Corporate. Otherwise, enjoyed your video.

  5. would like to see your car decal. And what is a blitz card? I just became an affiliate!

  6. Can people feel a difference in 3 days? Or is there another purpose to sampling your products? THX! Thinking of joining….

  7. So happy for your great success. I am brand new and pushing. Thanks for all your tips and advice.

  8. Yah!,, 50K!! Way to go. Can see why!?????

  9. Where did you get decal??
    Could I see picture of it?
    Again, you will be blessed greatly because you shared with us.

    Awesome on decal success and your stories.

  10. How do you keep track of who to call, who you sent video to, when to follow up?
    Follow up is key and I am so impressed with what you do and how well you care and follow up.
    I overthink in how to keep track of people so let it slip.
    Want to change things.
    Thank you for sharing!! You are great!! ?

  11. Where did you get your shirt? Would like one!

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