How taking CBD OIL has helped me

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  1. Hey! I live in North Carolina, too! I'm currently in Asheville, where do you live? CBD is legal here (and in the other 49 states, too). I use Verified CBD for pain management for my endometriosis and my friend uses it for pain management for his fibromyalgia. I get mine online because even in Asheville, the selection is small and super expensive. I wonder if the CBD didn't work very well for you because of the product you were using. Some products don't absorb as well as others. For example, I use a 10mg Capsuleincture and place half a dropper under my tongue. This seems to be the best way to have it be completely absorbed and to help with pain right when I start feeling it. My friend with fibro has had similar results using this product/method. If you aren't able to find any CBD near you, you should also check into buying online. I've been getting mine recently from Verified CBD and I've never had any issues receiving shipments here in NC. (: I hope this helps!

  2. I also got nerve problems and i got some good strains I use for my nerves like the magic light .. It's also good for insomnia,anxiety, depression and stress relief so I will recommend you it to you and it also got THC of 38.93%…wick me if interested wickr mackwills23…420

  3. Nice progressive stance on the benefits of CBD

  4. I'm waiting on him to 'destroy the illusion' about the magic snake oil known as 'trickle down economics'

  5. use THC and CBD. I very much need both. I want to talk more about it but I am worried youtube would not like reviews or anything lol.

  6. Jordan..You're not a corruptocrat politician leaching off taxpayers..keep on're the tip pf the spear…fighting America's enemies…foreign and domestic.

  7. II watched your Vid the other week about KRATOM…Dude, it really works! Thanks!!!

  8. Hi, what a great forum. I'd like to request a prayer for Rick Simpson and to Dr. David who have cured my Husband of his lung cancer. He was diagnosed about 2 year ago, beat it once and then a few months later it came back in his brain. We have been doing everything possibly, medication wise, and the cancer seems to be immune to chemotherapy and radiation. The doctor talks about this being his last year of life, so I feel like he has lost hope but i didn't. after several online search, I found Cannabis oil so i decided to give it a try and i ordered for it from ([email protected] ), things got better as my Husband started using the oil treatment and to God be the glory I didn't lose my lovely husband to lungs cancer anymore. So i'm here to share this testimony to the world at large as my Husband has been saved by the Cannabis Oil. I'm so glad!

  9. While at 'Contact in the Desert' last year, I met some folks who were selling Primemybody CBD oil and I've begun buying and selling it. I find it to be a very good product and priced comparably with other CBD oils on the market. Contains Hemp and phyto-Cannabinoids with a touch of THC as well.Think of the tin man in the Wizard of OZ story finally getting his joints oiled. That's how it feels. Or, lets say, Peter pan having his shadow sewn back on by Wendy.

  10. A teaspoon a day of Tumeric will help greatly with inflammation. Found on the spice rack!

  11. They try to use reverse psychology

  12. Dont listen to the FDA labels they lie

  13. Your woke brother, dont super babylon system and look up melanation on YouTube has very woke

  14. buy my full spec northern lights high in THC. great for cancer patients.this oil is 100% plant nothing else . as I've been told its best on the planet. 300e per 20ml bottle.30e postage world wide. PayPal accepted. text call

  15. buy my full spec northern lights high in THC. great for cancer patients.this oil is 100% plant nothing else . as I've been told its best on the planet. 300e per 20ml bottle.30e postage world wide. PayPal accepted. text call 00353858591681

  16. Loved this video as per usual … hey, do u still feel the same way about mms ?! I’m thinking about purchasing

  17. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  18. This is Jordan’s job so getting paid should be a given!

  19. is this brand of oil 100% organic. I know with concentrated oils if it's not from an organic source your just getting concentrated pesticides. I will def buy some if they are 🙂 thanks for the info.

  20. Home-crafted is best, I think. Control the quality of ingredients & preparation method increases the concentration of CBD. Kind of "to taste", like any recipe.
    It works. I've been able to, (in 7 weeks): half my anti-depressant dose, I'm on effexor, (venlafaxine) it has a horrible physical withdrawl syndrome, I've avoided it so far. I'm down to 1 Blood pressure pills with ZERO hypertensive issues. I've eliminated my pharmacuetical anti-inflammatory, (Meloxicam/Mobic) all together. I am moving slowly to remove pharmaceutical poison from my body because of the back-lash effects, like with Effexor, but, I'm making progress so slow is good. In this process I've increased my activity, haven't been having the food craving I used to have, (like sweets, chocolate), I'm happier and much more clear headed about everything.
    Not gonna lie, I do still have some pain and my knees still grind, BUT, it's tolerable and improving. What I DON'T have is constant, nagging hurt everytime I move AND I can move! Bonus!
    Also, can use the left-over "sludge" from home-made for edibles, adds a nutty flavor to baked goods and a mellow effect to the consumer of said baked goods lol

  21. Ay yo! Im also in the CBD recovery program. helps me keep calm and cary on ; )

  22. I like canacarbon CBD Oil and carbon 60! Amazing stuff!

  23. Cbd too expensive! Bummer!

  24. CBD has helped my sons (who's on the Autism spectrum) anxiety and ADD tremendously. I use it when I have the occasional inflammation and pain. It's been a game changer for us.

  25. Great!! ???????❤️we love you. Great job!

  26. Take every nickel you and your family need/deserve. Bread ain’t free so any mutherfuckers talking smack are full of shit. Grow the fuck up. Make bank. Get fat. Fuck haters. Ciao.

  27. Please add a link to the.natural CBD. you use. I have been looking all afternoon and have t found yours.

  28. As long as the stuff your selling is good by your standards I'm ok with it.

  29. I love CBD Oil… opening jars and bottles or carrying heavy items has gotten a whole lot easier! Finally the FDA allowing shipment across State lines has been a plus for many… now getting all rhe States to understand CBD products fully.

  30. My dogs and I take CBD tincture and organic hemp oil. Symptom of inflammation usually comes from the lymphatic system not draining properly and the kidneys not filtering the lymph out. Fruits, berries,melons and herbs are the way to heal. I'm a believer of Dr Robert Morse, Regenerative Detox.

  31. Isn't hemp oil just a poor substitute for cannibus oil? Cannibus oil contains cannabinoids, which are thought to be the health supporting component. Does hemp oil contain sufficient cannabinoids to be of benefit? Perhaps it's more of a placebo? Thanks.

  32. I LOVE my Hemp Oil and I'm blessed to have found, after trying 20 or 30 different ones, the most pure and potent one out there, backed by a world renowned chemist who is known for getting the plant love into our cells. Very blessed! I hope everyone looks into hemp oils and finds the one that works best for them.

  33. What in the world don't you take?

  34. CBD works better with plenty of THC. get to know it ya'll

  35. Thank you for this advice… at this point I’m willing to try anything for my anxiety!!! Hopefully calm this brain down??

  36. I am 73, and in the past ten years my pain and sleeplessness have gotten progressively worse. I have had surgery to put on a mesh for hernia, both my knees done, and my right hip replaced. Just this month, March, my middle finger of my right hand has curled and locked. I have not tried the oil, but have the cookies. Does anyone think I would benefit from the oil?.

  37. Seth Rich : BBC2 9pm in UK tonight- (Sunday 1st) 'Conspiracy Files:Murder in Washington ' – investigating the murder of Seth Rich. Very interesting

  38. Combine CBD with an alkaline diet and you will see inflammation and things get better on another level.

  39. FINALLY! I was beginning to wonder if you ever read your comments or if you thought I was trying to set you up by asking about CBD oil, which I would never do, EVER. Thank you!!

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