How much CBD should I give my pet?

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  1. My cocker spaniel, Zelda, has experienced a paralyzed nerve #7 in her head recently that has caused the right side of her face to no longer function properly. She can't blink in that eye, and her lower lip on that side now sags causing her to drool and have her food and water fall out. As I stated above, this just started occurring a few days ago, and I was able to get her to the vet today. I was told that she might either have a severe ear infection or worse, a possible brain tumor may be developing. She is on 6 different medications for the next week now, and if she does not improve, I am seriously considering CBD oils. If I must, I will start selling whatever I can to get the couple grand for a CT scan if I need to determine it to be a tumor.

    I have read about CBD oils helping humans with such issues as tumors and cancer, and now I am wondering if it may help her as well. I guess my question is have you or anyone reading this faced something similar and used CBD oils for their dog? My Zelda has been a harbinger of hope for me, and I need to help her. She is only 8 years old and too young to be experiencing any of this (I know things can happen at any age, but not to her, damn it). I absolutely love her. Anyone, please advise on the topic. I am open to any suggestions. Thanks.

  2. Hi I just want to say I personally use CBD oil but my little Yorker/Pom all of a sudden had 6 seizures in one day after taking her to her vet and later that night taking her to the hospital because of the seizures which left her weak and disoriented. Dr. Wanted to put her on seizure medication. I refused and decided to try CBD oil. She had another seizure on our way home from hospital. I stopped and bought oil for her. And not one seizure since it’s been 10 hours since her last one. She has started acting like her old self . I’m praying and hoping this will be the end of her seizures. I will be giving her the oil twice a day from here on out. It was my good friend that told me CBD is for pets too.

  3. what about other physiological problems? Our rescue girl has ongoing issues with red pustules on various parts of her body and especially her feet. We've tried everything and so far the vets have nothing to offer us to cure her or even just give her some relief.

  4. this is my first time going to use this for my dog he has seizures and my dog is a chihuahua so do you know wear I can get this medication thank you…

  5. Don't believe the hype. You need medical grade CBD with THC made from marijuana, not hemp. Yes CBD oil from hemp can have some benefits but if you're battling cancer you need the real deal

  6. I was told 1drop per lb of hemp oil in coconut oil. is this too much?

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  8. So a 45kg dog. 3 drops aday is that right?

  9. I used it on my lab having seizures lately as well lavender oil capsule put into a ball of liverwurst and it helped calm him down.

  10. I bought Vet CBD 115 mg for my small dog (approx 6 lbs) and was instructed to give .5 mg once daily. She has some dementia and excessive licking habits we are trying to get under control but haven't seen any difference in her behavior with the .5 dosage. I'm thinking of giving her a higher dosage twice daily and see how that goes.

  11. What about using it for kidney disease in dogs

  12. The cdb from those sites are really expensive. Are there more affordable options that are still good quality?

  13. Thank you for this channel! I needed to know this because our German shepherd/husky mix is older and moving slower on walks. I also believe she has arthritis. I'm going to start small and try it on her. Hoping it helps

  14. You from Mississippi too?

  15. hi, i have just bought bluebird 1 oz. 250+ mg companion oil, my dog is 25 pounds, what’s the dosage you recommend ? he has completed his chemo last month for stage 3 lymphoma, what’s the dosage you recommend ? thank you

  16. I’m looking to buy cbd oil for my dog, would you recommend
    Would you recommend bluebird or nuleaf ?

  17. Hey CBD professor, I can find nowhere is the oil good for the liver? My baby girl, has liver problem, is week, she don't wanna eat, so my Vet tell me to check maybe for Hemp oil on internet, what other owners says… Thank you!

  18. I'm being thick. Have tried to do the math. The one I have says one drop for humans which is 2mg. How can I extract 1/10-1/20 of that for my dog. He is 6.5 lbs. If I work it out using his body weight and comparing that with your dogs who is having 2.5 mg x2 daily. Would I be looking at giving mine 1mg? Do I need to get a different oil? Sorry in advance for being so thick. It says it contains 2mg phytocannabinoids. There is 0, 710mg CBD in a drop.

  19. I want to add a question cbd is addictive my dog ​​will need it forever and if I stop it will get worse crises thank you

  20. hello….
    i have a shih tzu epileptic she takes gardenal (human medicin) 15mg the morning and 15mg the night… i have cbd 5mg the drop…how mutch i can given to my dog , which is the daily dose….please answer to me because here in greece nobody doctor trusts cbd ….they dont κnow enything about it. Thanks for your time… i love my dog like my child and i can't help her.

  21. Thanks for the dosage tips. Our dog has had seizures since the first night we got her and we finally decided enough and that we needed to try CBD. She still has her seizures, however they are less severe. After watching this video though I believe we have a better understanding on how much to give her. Thanks for posting

  22. hi i would like to know if cbd oil is the same as hemp oil? and if so how much hemp oil can be fed a day

  23. I want to start giving cbd oil to my dog to help with seizures. I am very confused with all the oils and dosage. I am in Missouri and have not found a vet familiar with how to use it I have heard all different recommendations of how much and how frequently–also I find that it comes in various mg. concentrations—my dog is 6 lbs. When you suggest .05mg per lb twice a day what concentration is the oil?

  24. Hi can you help me, im in the UK and cant find a proper cbd oil. There are many different ones. There is this from love cbd brand for £48. its a spray mixed with olive oil says one spray has 0.16 mL cbd oil AND 6.4 mG cbd. Why is there two different numbers? Hope you see this.

  25. HI Cbd professor, I wish I had seen your channel before I started on this journey. I believe Dr. Ritcher's clinic would have guided me responsibly. I took him there today but it was too late for my beautiful boy. They were very compassionate and kind. I will never be the same. My Golden taught me how to love more profoundly. He was my sunshine, my best friend, my teacher.

  26. What is the dose for cats to increase their appetite and for cancer?

  27. Hello! I am the casting producer for an upcoming docu-series entitled MEDICAL MARIJUANA MIRACLES. The show aims to use artful, heartfelt storytelling and filmmaking to highlight individual stories while also bringing awareness to the benefits of medical marijuana. Would you be interested in talking about your use of medical marijuana with your animal?

    Please feel free to address any questions to either myself or my partner, Jennifer, at Thanks!

  28. God bless u for taking the time to share your knowledge

  29. Can you make a video discussing what CBD oil is? One hears CBD oil cures. When people are referring to this, are they referring to cbd tinctures, full extract cannabis oil, Rick Simpson oil… are the latter two one and the same?The term is used but there is an umbrella of cbd oil. Which is the true CBD oil? Thank you CBD professor.

  30. I have been having trouble finding information on this…is cbd oil the same as cannabis oil? Please answer if you can. I want to get it for my mom. Thank you in advance

  31. PS Nuleaf has a dog CBD chart on their online store for pet drops. It gives drops to pounds ratios. Please check it out. But that is FOR THEIR CBD drops.

  32. Hey  CBD professor, thank you for your videos. I have my dog on a cbd protocol. He was diagnosed with lung cancer and was given 2 months to live. I found a company that works with dogs and cancer.They have high grade strains, full flower extacted with food grade alcohol (in an organic coconut oil base). He started out with 3 tinctures to get his body acclimated. Tinctures:  A Cannabis Sativa, a AC/DC Cannabis Sativa Flower, (at night) Cannabis Indica flower. After 10 days on this, we introduced a half grain measurement of Feco to be rubbed into his gums at night… 1:1 CBD/THC.

    Once acclimated with the tinctures, he was given for the next ten days… 10 suppositories/ syringe form (half gram) each of Feco 1:1 CBD/THC, continuing with his tinctures and his specific dosing of these. Now we have moved on to 3:1 Feco THC/CBD. The second round of Feco (that I just mentioned), they made a mistake and sent 5 syringes to be administered as suppositories. They were supposed to be 10 at a half gram each but instead they sent out 5 with 1 gram each. They instructed me to administer the full gram suppository as the goal is to to get 20 to 25 grams of Feco suppositories over a 90 day period. That the full gram would just speed up and narrow the suppository dosing protocol. I told them, I would not do that. So they suggested and I put a half grams in a vegan gel cap size 0 and plan doing it that way.

    It hasn't been easy by any means but I am hopeful. Once we started with the Feco they  mentioned that he would start to hack up a foamy substance (not vomit), and that was the beginning of Apaptosis.  He sleeps through the night with the half grain, now rice grain of Feco. In the morning my darling dog wakes up with goo in his eyes and hacking up the foam. I read accounts of people saying how there pets sprung back quickly with CBD but this protocol has been challenging on my dog. I am seeing progress however. They did mention it wouldn't be easy once we got deep into treatment. He was given 2 months so that is why we had to start treating him in all directions.

    Please, if you can comment on this protocol. I don't like to see my dog with low energy and now hacking foam in the morning but I keep telling myself, it is, to save his life. He is an Angel Golden Retriever and means the world to me.  

    Thank you for listening Professor.

  33. Sorry… meant .03…. being the maximum level of THC….

  34. Are you using the human grade CBD? My dog has a tumor in her urethra below her bladder. Both my vet and my 2nd opinion vet only suggests "Treatibles for dogs". They said the THC level must be below .3 or it is toxic to animals. I have been using the Treatibles for over a month and personally I do not think it works very well or at all comparing it to the one I personally use for myself PLUS+ CBD Gold Formula in peppermint. I think it is awesome, but cannot get the info on the THC level so I can use that for my dog… What brand do you use? Is it human grade? Does it truly matter what the THC level is for pets or is that just a "marketing tool" to sell a product. I would appreciate any info from anyone who has used CBD for their dog and what brands they use… I have also heard that the CBD oil does not work unless there a certain level of THC…

  35. I was given a bottle of + CBD oil Spray 3mg and 36 mg of Hemp Oil. I have a 14lb 17 yr old Lhasa Apso with an eye injury and Dementia. I understand the drop dosage formula, but any suggestions on how I should dose him with the spray I was given?

  36. Use your eye dropper and say… 25 lbs=2 drops… 70 lbs=4 drops ETC…

  37. Great info but you are loosing people quickly.

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