How much CBD oil should I take?

Discover how much CBD you should take. CBD oil products come in many forms, strengths, and flavors. Finding the right amount for you can be a little confusing …


  1. Don’t want to be rude but this video provides no useful information. It actually doesn’t even mention the word “condition” that’s in the video title.

  2. Did they mean 50mg once per day for hypothyroidism or 50mg twice/day?

  3. You should make a Canadian site for us Canadians.

  4. What is the best CBD brand

  5. If a little is good then alot is better😁😁😁😁😁

  6. *This still didn't answer the question! 😨

  7. Why is it so expensive, as far as I'm concerned, this is just another latest trend.. Next month it will be pure sunflower drops.. 20 euros for a tiny little bottle and your told to take 20 drops 4 times a day.. The bottle wouldn't even last a week if this is the case.. This is just another example of herbalists ripping people off as they're only interested in making a profit… If you're taking this for depression, then why not buy some St John's Wort instead at a much lower price.. If you have pain and the CBD works for you then fair enough, but if you have a nice lot of land, then I'd encourage you to grow it yourself and learn how to extract the oil from the hemp plant because these herbalists will rip you off big time.

  8. Im here to volunteer my body to scientists wanting to study cbd oil. im more than up for you filling me with extra strong oils and you lot doing tests on me im even game for jinkering a few bottles with the top loose to find out the affects. Anyone intrested please get in touch…from the-matrix 👍

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